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We are a consulting marketplace where enterprises hire experts and vendor companies for their Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence projects.

What is Experfy?

Who are our Big Data Experts and Solutions Providers?

Our community of big data providers consists of people with wide range of professional and academic backgrounds: Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Mining Experts, Data Analyst/Modelers, Big Data Solutions Architects, Visualization Designers, Statisticians, Applied Physicists, Mathematicians, Econometricians and Bioinformaticians. Our data experts have the ability to deploy advanced analytical tools and techniques coupled with deep domain knowledge, experience and creative thinking to solve complex business problems. Whether it is minimizing risk, simplifying supply chains or innovating and identifying new channels of growth and profitability, you can turn to Experfy for faster, efficient, reliable and cost-effective on-demand recruitment.

How Does it Work?

Experfy gives you flexibility of hiring resources in two ways. Either you can post your project on our platform and we'll shortlist the best-suited data providers and experts for you to review or you can augment your team and we will match you with a long-term resource. In both cases you reduce risk by hiring on-demand while cutting out the overhead of full-time employees.

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Post your project

What are your project goals and what deliverables are you expecting. What languages, tools and domain expertise you require?

You review only shortlisted experts

Our platform solicits bids on your behalf. Our already vetted experts submit proposals and we do the hard work of shortlisting up to 3 experts that match your required skillset and industry. You review their credentials, past performance and select the firm or individual that provides best value to you.

Get to work..

A solutions provider works on your project against specific milestones that can be tracked on our private ProjectRoom. Our secure platform handles NDAs, contracts, payments and even issues 1099s at the end of the year, so you don't have to carry any administrative burden!

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Tell us what you want

Tell us what kind of data expert(s) you are looking for. What technology stack you are working with? What skillset and domain expertise you require in the expert?

We find you a perfect match

We will inform you with a status report concerning your request and match you with an expert(s) within 0 to 3 weeks.

Expert becomes a part of your team

As soon as you say go, the expert will be ready to integrate into your team - just like an in-house team member. While Experfy experts usually work remotely, arrangements can be made to have them on-site. Our secure platform handles NDAs, contracts, payments and even issues 1099s at the end of the year, so you don't have to carry any administrative burden!

Deep Analytical Talent for Every Industry

Cross Industry Analytics

In addition to the coming of age of analytics and machine learning, there is a massive storm of big data tools like MapReduce, NoSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, and their cousins and brothers, it’s difficult to understand the stack you need to make your data as useful as possible. How do you decide which tools to use, and once you do decide, how do you make the jump? Well, you have come to the right place. Post your project on our platform, and we will help you identify highly qualified resources for your big data strategy and implementation.
Business intelligence is often seen as a software solution designed to serve up data on executive dashboards. But this is a wasteful and costly misunderstanding of the value of true business intelligence. When deployed properly, business intelligence should help define strategy, drive profitability, and develop a performance-oriented culture throughout an organization. It is much more than a reporting tool. Using business intelligence is a way of doing business. Experfy’s ecosystem of vendors, integrators and business consultants work together to ensure that your project is well-conceived and successful. Our large number of providers is well versed in complex tools that are the leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant—Oracle, SAP, SAS, Cognos, QlikTech, Information Builders, MicroStrategy, Tibco, and Tableau, among others.
Chief Marketing Officers are increasingly working in real-time to consolidate enormous amounts of customer and other marketing data from the digital world and using it to drive traditional offline marketing initiatives. Experfy’s providers of marketing analytics helps companies harness their marketing data to drive insights that convert into better customer experiences at scale. This leads to optimization that drives higher levels of business performance and a greater return on marketing investment. For companies seeking to transform their marketing and sales through advanced analytics, Experfy’s solution providers can help define a vision, develop use cases, organize initiatives into an implementation road map, and build capabilities to create strategic value and competitive edge.
Risk is everywhere. From data breaches, fraud and internal theft to public safety issues like crime and homeland security, there is a continuous struggle to distinguish between acceptable risks and dangerous vulnerabilities. Experfy fraud and risk analytics providers possess deep domain expertise and can help you predict when, where and how threats will impact your organization. They analyze all types of data sources to help you determine acceptable risk levels and create policies that reduce exposure and minimize loss. These solutions combine business intelligence, data mining, advanced data analysis, decision management and deployment technologies, enabling enterprises and government agencies to detect unusual patterns or behavior in their data and take the preventive action.
Human resource analytics, also known as talent analytics, is the application of sophisticated data mining and business analytics techniques to human resources data. Experfy providers will collaborate with you to come up with a highly integrated and strategic approach to HR management. When advanced data architecture and governance practices span the enterprise and are smoothly integrated, you get data consistency, accuracy and a way to manage your workforce—your most strategic asset. Simplify your complex HR challenges through the design and implementation of key metrics, decision support systems, and HR business analytics.
Enterprises have discovered the value of applying big data analytics to front-line business systems. Known as operational analytics, or real-time business intelligence, these systems crunch massive amounts of data to make decisions in the stream of real-time operations. Operational analytics allow companies to be more competitive, drive more transactions, eliminate fraud and risk, streamline operations, and achieve amazing cost efficiencies. At every stage of the operational processes that take your product or service to market, there are opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Realizing high levels of operational excellence, however, can be an intractable challenge considering the innumerable human resources, processes and assets within your organization. Experfy providers help you drive operation excellence across your organization, leveraging cutting-edge technologies that provide predictive analytics in real-time.
What kind of customer insights do your customer-facing teams have? Do your sales team and support members understand the behavior of the customers with whom they engage everyday? Access to behavioral and analytic insight should not be the prerogative of the technically inclined within your organization. It can be highly useful for customer-facing teams since they can directly act on it in their daily work. Your organization needs an analytic solution that provides real time, fact-based insight into the entire sales process. All users, from sales executives to front-line sales representatives, get up-to-the-moment, complete, and in-context sales insight—insight that is personalized, relevant, and actionable. The benefits are, faster and more informed decisions that help the sales organization compete more effectively, lower sales costs, and achieve better results.

Advisory Services


You can work with our community of experts to leverage a use-case approach to identify the ramifications to your business intelligence and analytics systems, assess your current environment, and document the impact on it from Big Data. Our experts ascertain your level of data quality, governance, and security maturity; review cloud capabilities; and recommend solutions to address your Big Data challenges. We can help you identify an expert who is vendor-neutral to develop the right Big Data architecture and roadmap to support your business goals. You can chose from individuals and consulting firms to help you prioritize and plan the implementation of Big Data solutions while considering business impact, existing data, technology and skills.

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