UX/UI Design Product Designer

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Cloud Description

Members in the Product Designer TalentCloud are expected to use their designs to communicate their stories to the customers. The TalentCloud members should be able to define the user experience, interactions, and user interface via user flows, information architecture, sketches and wireframes, and visual design aspects. Other tasks, abilities, and responsibilities may include:

  • Help in building the strategic vision and blueprint of the design
  • Build functional prototypes to validate and test your designs
  • Participate in user research and testing
  • Be innovative and out of thinking attitude
  • Help maintain visual and brand consistency

Required skills

  • 4-9 years of experience in fast-paced creative environments
  • Possess not just exceptional product design skills, but the ability to implement strategic and conceptual thinking as well
  • A compelling portfolio of work that demonstrates high-quality design work that also tells a story that you are a deep design thinker
  • Strong information presentation (visual and written) skills
  • A breadth of cultural reference points
  • Experience with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch


  • Adobe Premiere
  • After Effects
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Sketch

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