Business Intelligence BI Architect

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Cloud Description

Architects in the BI Architect TalentCloud should have extensive experience gathering business requirements, gathering data, analyzing, and implementing business intelligence solutions for the organization. They should be able to take responsibility for determining data platforms, BI Solutions, data warehouses, and data marts. Additional responsibilities and expectations are:

  • Should have experience processing large amounts of data to draw insights and conclusions based on their findings, interact with a variety of business professionals, and communicate critical project requirements within their organization
  • Should be able to manage BI developers, to accomplish business and technical goals in a timely manner
  • Proficient with analytical tools to process business data and interpret results
  • BI architects build and load enterprise information by using data warehouses and marts, act as a mentor for junior staff, and interact with other architects and senior leadership to suggest improvements for business processes
  • Manage custom application development and create delivery model strategies, as well as provide scalable services related to high-performance visualization tools and infrastructure design
  • Set priorities for BI developers
  • Implement data management solutions on multiple BI platforms
  • Ability to interact directly with clients to solicit business rules, design, and build solutions to address the client’s business intelligence and data management challenges
  • Required to create, modify, and maintain data entities based on customer requirements and initiatives
  • Requires working well in teams, as well as independently on projects
  • Excellent communication (oral and written), customer expectation management, responsiveness to customer needs, being proactive in anticipating technical challenges, being meticulous, and having a consultative approach are essential to be successful in this position

Required Skills

  • Demonstrate experience with different analytic tools, as ETL, databases, and visualization, and have advanced skills to query and manipulate data using both SQL and Excel and other analytic tools and databases
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in making useful inferences and driving improvement actions from large data sets that are messy and not easily understood
  • Data visualization tools (Tableau, Tableau Server, PowerBI, Qlik, etc.)
  • Proficient SQL (SQL, Stored Procedures, Dynamic SQL, Joins, Aggregation, etc.)
  • Experience with a couple of database systems (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, Postgress, etc.)
  • Experience structuring and analyzing large quantities of data and information for statistical and analytical modeling
  • Understanding of business intelligence best practices, architectures, tools, methodologies, and software
  • Experience with Data Modeling
  • Provide expert guidance on business intelligence (BI) skills and technologies
  • Develop scalable and maintainable BI applications to meet business objectives
  • Develop security and authentication standards for the organization
  • Maintain accurate and complete technical architectural documents
  • Define BI standards, guidelines, and best practices for business groups and technical teams
  • Support BI tools upgrades in development, testing, and documentation
  • Perform maintenance and troubleshooting activities for BI tools
  • Diagnose and resolve BI tool capacity issues
  • Recommend strategies to improve performance and capacity of BI tools
  • Address customer queries and issues in a timely manner
  • Provide BI administration and technical support during weekends, after-hours, and holidays when needed
  • Provide technical training on BI tools to junior staff
  • Collaborate with BI administrators, developers, and analysts for successful development of BI reporting and analysis solutions
  • Work with business groups and technical teams to develop and maintain a data warehouse platform for BI reporting
  • Maintain, support, and enhance the business intelligence data backend, including data warehouses
  • Map configurations and complex data architectures, ensuring documentation meets current and forecasted needs
  • Collaborate and work with end-users to ensure that data and reports meet their business needs
  • Lead and provide technical guidance for design and implementation of data storage and governance systems
  • Design and monitor end-user reporting tools and systems, ensuring reports are accurate and up-to-date

Preferred Skills

  • Exposure to predictive analytics, AI, and ML
  • Experience with data structure solutions (Big Data, RDBMS, NoSQL)
  • Understanding of Data Governance, Data Integrity, Master Data Management, Data Quality Design, Develop, and Deployment Best Practices
  • Skilled in one scripting language, such as R, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, VBScript, Shell Script
  • Deep understanding of ETL Tools, Best Practice Processes (Enterprise ETL Tools, Self-Service, Data Preparation)
  • Strong oral, written communication, and leadership skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and workstreams in a fast-paced environment
  • SDLC methodologies (Waterfall and Agile Development)

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