AI and Machine Learning Generative AI TalentCloud

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Cloud Description

This TalentCloud requires expertise in applying Generative AI and data science more broadly helping take assistive technology to a new level, reducing application development time, and bringing powerful capabilities to nontechnical users. Our Generative AI consultants bring extensive knowledge of ChatGPT API, including Generative AI Models, Generative AI Cloud Services, Generative AI Mashups and Data and Integration Services to support such work.  Experfy’s Generative AI engineers work on state-of-the-art generative models, including but not limited to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), Variational Autoencoders (VAEs), and Transformer-based models like GPT and BERT. We help develop innovative solutions and applications across various domains, such as image synthesis, text generation, voice generation, and more.


Required Skills

  • Extensive experience as a data scientist with a focus on generative AI.
  • Expertise building Generative AI Models to generate various outputs, such as text, images, music, and complex designs, by learning patterns and structures from massive datasets. Examples of popular generative AI models include GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), DALL-E, and StyleGAN.
  • Solid understanding and experience with deep learning techniques and frameworks (like TensorFlow, PyTorch), especially generative models such as GANs, VAEs, and transformers.
  • Strong programming skills in Python and familiarity with software development best practices.
  • Ability to design and implement machine learning models, with an emphasis on generative models.
  • Track record of diving into data to discover hidden patterns and conducting error/feasibility analysis.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to innovate in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Familiar with Big Data platforms such as AWS and GCP
  • Proficient in machine learning models such as neural networks, SVM, Naïve Bayes 
  • Proficient in unsupervised machine learning methods such as cluster analysis and anomaly detection


Preferred Skills

  • Published research in the field of generative models or related areas.
  • Experience with distributed data/computing tools: Map/Reduce, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Gurobi, MySQL, etc.
  • Experience in multi-modal generative models and/or reinforcement learning.

Are you an Expert in this field?

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