DevOps DataOps Engineer

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Cloud Description

Engineers in the DataOps Engineer TalentCloud should be able to participate in the development and deployment of databases and data pipelines. This includes the management and acquisition of data, including data from external sources or acquisitions. Additional responsibilities and expectations are:

  • Help manage the lifecycle of data ensure operational efficiency of infrastructure and coordinate and collaborate with the network and server team to set up the data operations
  • Experts in this TalentCloud must have related software industry data management & operations experience demonstrating excellent organizational, communication, and leadership skills
  • Should love working with data and be motivated to produce exceptional work based on strong technical skills, and a passion for detail and precision
  • Analytical thinker with problem-solving aptitude
  • Work to maintain policies and procedures to ensure conformance to all corporate and local requirements
  • Develop and enforce standards to ensure customer data integrity in business applications
  • Help manage and support acquisition and integration of new customer data into customer data models, business processes, and business model
  • Evaluate and identify where system enhancements are required
  • Work with business functions (Support, Data Governance, Finance, and Customer Service) to leverage the use of customer information, and work across business functional teams to define and/or improve the customer data lifecycle policies and processes, business applications, and customer information/attributes required to meet their business needs
  • Participate and/or lead teams working on customer data business optimization, leverage projects, or lifecycle management
  • Support ongoing data quality, led by Data Governance Organization, as well as future 
  • Merger & Acquisition efforts, including, but not limited to, data cleansing & de-duplication; data mapping; data dictionary
  • Advise Customer Master Data Manager on related master data issues; identify corrective action items
  • Make sure the data platforms and processes are running well, both in data collection, integration and processing, replication, backup, DR, and high availability
  • Monitor and manage data quality processes and data integrations
  • Perform corrective and evolutive maintenance of all the data exchange and data solution processes
  • Responsible for the quality and security of data
  • Troubleshooting data problems primarily from the infrastructure perspective
  • Iron out technical issues and/or help in technical improvement, cascade to development teams
  • Document data operations and monitoring solutions in clear, concise guides single resource for all data operations pertaining to email marketing including list selection, maintaining and improving existing data processes as well as providing ad-hoc analysis

Required Skills

  • Broad knowledge of data platforms in the media space, both at infrastructure (basic) and operational level (expert)
  • Good networking skills
  • Good debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to write scripts to automate deployment and logging 
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in data technology/management on a big data platform
  • Strong working knowledge of SQL
  • Knowledge of new generation data platforms such as MPP databases, Hadoop, or Spark is a plus
  • Experience working within the IT procedures, data quality requirements, and agile/SCRUM environments
  • Experience and robust knowledge in cloud computing (Google Cloud, AWS)

Preferred Skills

  • Well-rounded knowledge of the database space and landscape, their architectures, storage landscape from Object stores to Distributed file systems
  • Good knowledge of Database architecture and distributed systems

Are you an Expert in this field?

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