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  • Cloud Engineer (AWS)
  • Cloud Engineer (Azure)
  • Cloud Engineer (GCP)
  • Cloud Engineer (IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Other)

Cloud Description

This TalentCloud is seeking engineers who can take responsibility for the design, review of architectures, and construction of Cloud service provider environments. Other tasks, duties, and responsibilities may include the following:

  • Ability to evaluate the Cloud strategy and program architecture
  • Responsible for gathering system requirements working together with application architects and owners
  • Responsible for generating scripts and templates required for the automatic provisioning of resources
  • Discover standard Cloud services offerings, install, and execute processes and standards for optimal use of Cloud service provider offerings
  • Build software for the organization’s systems and ES as a service offering
  • Stay well-informed of failures and complications related to a Cloud offering
  • Responsible for debugging technical issues inside a complex stack involving virtualization, containers, microservices, etc.
  • Collaborate with the engineering teams to enable their applications to run on Cloud infrastructure
  • Lead the Systems Engineering team to design, plan and implement new Cloud & On-Premise systems and make modifications to existing systems
  • Improve system efficiencies and achieve benefits from technology advances
  • Ensure all system modifications are managed and implemented accurately and according to the established system, security, compliance, and disaster recovery requirements
  • Research and test new technologies that meet system requirements and improve performance and efficiencies
  • Provide 3rd level support for system issues that level 1 and 2 infrastructure specialists need additional assistance due to the issue’s complexity
  • Create new documentation as well as an annual review of all active documentation and respond to regulatory requests as required
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities and process inefficiencies that can be actioned on by leveraging their specialized knowledge in this critical field


  • Provide expertise in technology and develop plans to ensure new technology initiatives meet the organization's business objectives and are delivered on-time. Integrate new systems and upgrade existing systems to increase functionality to meet objectives and stay within version support life cycle timelines and meet security or regulatory requirements
  • Design, develop and lead the implementation of On-Premise and Cloud solutions that include Windows, Exchange, Linux, Virtualization, Mobile, Storage, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure technologies
  • Provide detailed knowledge transfer and documentation to the Production Operations Team on new system implementations and upgrades to allow them to maintain and manage these systems according to best practices
  • Advanced level support for Infrastructure Technologies for both On-Premise and Cloud systems which include Windows, Exchange, Linux, Virtualization, Mobile, Storage, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure technologies. This includes working with IT support and end-users to resolve support incidents related to the aforementioned technologies
  • Consult with the business departments to determine their technology requirements and provide recommendations to meet their objectives that are compatible and integrated with the Association's systems and align with the Enterprise strategies
  • Lead the efforts to test system and technologies that could provide technology or cost benefits
  • Analyze business processes associated with managing and supporting the systems infrastructure to improve efficiencies
  • Validates existing solution architectures and makes recommendations for improvements
  • Lead the development of prototypes and POC’s that may be required during the capture process and or the early delivery stages, or in support of R&D efforts
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations, policies, and procedures

Required Skills

  • Experience with On-Premise and Cloud systems design, implementation, administration, and management
  • At least 7 years experience in systems engineering with includes Windows, Exchange, Linux, Virtualization, Mobile, Storage, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure technologies
  • Candidates with advanced degrees (Bachelor’s, and/or Master’s) preferred. Candidates with some combination of coursework and experience, or else extensive related professional experience, are eligible for consideration
  • Extensive experience with leading and managing projects in the technology industry. PMP/ Agile/Scrum/ITIL Certifications preferred
  • Advanced working knowledge of Windows, Exchange, Linux, Virtualization, Mobile, Storage, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure technologies
  • Advanced level of using scripting (PowerShell, bash) in the systems administration, management, and monitoring outstanding personal skills in dealing with both end-users and IT support staff

Preferred Skills

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Positive attitude to team working

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