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Access top AI and Engineering talent with unprecedented speed, pre-vetted by our SMEs, and made enterprise-ready by our compliance team.

Hire Expert

Experfy takes the guesswork out of hiring by pre-vetting each candidate using Subject Matter Experts. We perform background checks, worker classification, and payrolling, enabling you to bring a candidate on board with unmatched speed without sacrificing compliance.

Experts Vet Experts

Pre-screening Expert Glance

The first step involves pre-screening in which our role leads shortlist candidates with the right professional experience and credentials.

Behavioral Interview

Our behavioral questions focus on motivation, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Competencies that emerge naturally from the interview are recorded as indicators of future performance.

Technical Interview & Assessment by Expert SMEs

Candidates go through an extensive technical interview with our panel of experienced SMEs. Unlike other platforms, with Experfy, Data Scientists vet Data Scientists and Data Engineers vet Data Engineers, and so on. Candidates may also be given live assessments and coding exercises, depending on the nature of the job.

Screening by Client for Talent Clouds (Optional)

Only 3% of candidates reach this step and are recommended to clients who may re-confirm our assessment before accepting the candidates into their Custom TalentClouds. While Experfy manages the lion share of the vetting process, this final screening assesses company fit in addition to technical aptitude for client-specific projects.

Hiring Teams Start Here

Project Specific Interview

Significantly Reduce Time to Hire

Time to Fill with a Vetted Candidate: Traditional Recruiting

  • Requisition
    • Sourcing
    • Screening
    • Tech
  • Interview
  • Hire
  • 43 Days

Time to Fill with a Vetted Candidate: Experfy Way

  • Requisition
  • Interview
  • Hire
  • 7 Days

Time to Recommend a Vetting Candidate: 24 Hours to 3 Days

Built for Enterprises

Compliance, Payrolling & Security

Worker Classification and Indemnification

When you enroll in Compliance Services, we’ll ensure each Expert is properly classified as an Independent Contractor, or Employed by our Staffing Agency.

Correctly classifying Experts as either independent contractors or employees can be complex and requires applying federal and state laws. Streamline the contracting process, and let us reduce your HR administrative burden. By utilizing this service, Experfy protects your company from misclassification risk.

Payrolling & Employer of Record

Work with Experts that are classified as employees by enrolling them with our Staffing Agency.

Agent of Record

Experfy’s Compliance team will review the project details and verify that it qualifies for independent contractor classification. Once this verification process is complete, we will assist the Expert in completing the contracting process.

Work Product and Intellectual Property Rights

We will ensure each Expert agrees to terms regarding client ownership of the work product and intellectual property rights, in addition to any other required agreements. This documentation is stored to ensure a streamlined review process for repeat Expert contracts.

Background Checks

At your request, we offer background checks as part of the Expert onboarding process. Once you have extended an offer, we can facilitate a background check that consists of many different types of screenings that you can customize to meet your company’s requirements.

Personalized Service

World Class Service

Understanding the skills you need

Your Account Manager will begin by understanding the skills needed for your role. S/he will be there at every step to ensure that you are successful.

Recommending the best matches

Our AI-based recommender system uses NLP and advanced analytics to pin-point the candidates that are the best matches. Your account manager will present the two best matches so you don’t waste any time sifting through piles of resumes.


Our platform quickly facilities interviews, matching your availability with that of the candidates, and sending you a calendar invite.


Once you select a candidate, your account manager can help with onboarding, ensuring your company’s hiring policies are adhered to and the hiring process is fully compliant.

Global, Flexible and Enterprise-Ready

Hire Across All Geographies

Without sacrificing compliance

Whether you want to hire contingent talent based in North America or a different continent, Experfy’s global footprint, combined with pre-vetting and compliance, brings you peace of mind. Our compliance team understands the nuances of each country, ensuring local laws are being followed during the on-boarding and off-boarding process.


Three Programs to Get You Started with Our Platform

Experfy SaaS

Pipeline your own talent using the industry's first Future of Work SaaS platform.

  • Experfy's SaaS platform is powered by AI and enables you to create custom skills taxonomies to match expert talent to the right opportunities.
  • A la carte add-ons include sourcing of AI and engineering talent from Experfy's marketplace on-demand, along with vetting services by Experfy SMEs.
  • You can also add your internal talent to the platform to create a robust inner-mobility solution.

Experfy TalentClouds

Exceptional AI, engineering, and high-tech talent vetted by SMEs

  • Access our highly curated TalentClouds for specific high-tech skills for on-demand hiring of talent that is vetted and certified by Experfy SMEs.
  • Post a job opportunity and receive the profiles of the strongest matched candidates in less that 24 hours on average.

Experfy CustomClouds

A full-service Center of Excellence for the Future of Work

Serious about winning the war on talent? We begin with workforce consulting and help you identify the skills gap within your firm, while creating a custom skills taxonomy on our award-winning AI-powered platform. We then build a private TalentCloud for each skill, a virtual bench containing pre-vetted experts who are pipelined for immediate deployment. We provide seamless integrations into your VMS, ATS and ERP systems.