Internet of Things IoT Solution Tester

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Cloud Description

Members of this TalentCloud are expected to be experienced Test Engineers with a background in application testing and past experience in deploying automatic testing tools and methods. Other experiences and responsibilities include:

  • Solution Testers are expected to have a proven ability to implement QA systems testing enforcing stringent QA specifications
  • Experience in working with engineers delivering system components in an agile process
  • Extensive knowledge of integration testing of systems with multiple components connected using wired/wireless communication and several protocols/APIs is required
  • Responsible for testing of end-to-end IoT solution
  • Detailed understanding of all components of IoT project
  • Implement and manage solution testing process and tools
  • Implement automated test cases¬†
  • Use/implement appropriate Agile development tools
  • Final QA of sprints and releases

Required Skills

  • Ability to create processes that will best test the proper functioning of a solution with 10+ different parts
  • Proven ability to implement testing in systems made up of 3 or more components
  • Experience in testing web or mobile applications
  • Experience with integration testing of systems with multiple components connected using wired/wireless communication and several protocols/APIs
  • Understand the 4 core IoT components: devices, connectivity, IoT platforms, and applications
  • Understand use cases and user profiles in order to test all functions
  • Experience in creating an integration lab
  • Experience in setting up and managing testing processes
  • Ability to implement automated testing including the use of web-based testing and support tools
  • Experience with component testing in an Agile environment integrating these test results in the overall solution testing
  • Experience in creating and use test documentation tools for processes, methods, and results
  • Use of test project management and bug tracking tools

Preferred Skills

  • 3+ years experience as a solution tester of complex connected products, web/mobile applications, and back-office systems
  • Exposure to IoT testing
  • Understanding of data models and protocols used in IoT
  • Understanding of applications used in IoT (data/event monitoring, analytics, Machine Learning, AI)
  • Understanding of monitoring applications used in industrial or telecommunication systems
  • Understanding of administrative systems used to create customer instances and assign users
  • Understanding how devices are connected to and provisioned in an industrial or telecommunications system
  • BS in EE, CS, or Computer Engineering Software
  • Hardware testing certifications (ISTQB, ASTQB)

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