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Experfy gives you direct access to hiring managers at Fortune 500s who are seeking independent talent to work remotely on projects and job opportunities.

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Showcase your experience, education, and other credentials by creating a profile that inspires confidence in your abilities. We provide you with a marketing platform to maximize opportunities.

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Go through our vetting process and get in front of the line to join TalentClouds of top companies. When you are pre-vetted, a high degree of trust is placed in your abilities by hiring managers.

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As part of the exclusive pool of experts, start receiving invitations from hiring managers and get access to opportunities that are not posted anywhere else.

Experfy TalentClouds

TalentClouds are skill and role-based virtual pools of prescreened talent who have gone through Experfy’s expert technical and behavioral assessment vetting process. TalentClouds are created for specific technology skills that are in high demand by our clients. You can belong to one or more TalentClouds based on your skills and preferences. The innovative process enables the hiring managers to transcend the lengthy cycles that slow down the traditional recruiting process and deploy appropriate talent to their projects within a matter of days. Candidates once accepted in Experfy TalentCloud don’t need to submit lengthy applications and proposals for every opportunity. Hiring managers invite them to opportunities. The candidates are also broadcasted opportunities within their TalentCloud and they can proactively respond if interested.

Experfy TalentClouds

Access to Top Opportunities

TalentCloud members have special access to opportunities and our proprietary algorithms ensure projects presented to you are directly relevant to your skills and interests. As a part of this exclusive pool, you are already vetted and positioned to move quickly when the right opportunity catches your eye.

Earn More with Fewer Headaches

TalentCloud members are the cream of Experfy community and should be compensated accordingly. We ensure that you receive competitive compensation as a top expert in your field. Experfy also takes care of all the administrative tasks and pays you directly.

Build Steady Pipeline

You have the chance to grow your portfolio of projects with repeat work. Once you are in a TalentCloud and have a proven track record, hiring managers have tools to cross reference you within a large company and engage you for additional opportunities.


Experfy’s clients consist of progressive companies who are at the forefront of innovation. Here’s a chance to work on exciting projects involving emerging technologies. You will collaborate with project teams who are trying to innovate and solve meaningful problems.

Experfy Experts are the Best of the Best

To ensure you are considered for our exclusive client opportunities, it’s important that you always perform with the utmost professionalism and integrity from the hiring process through to project completion. Candidates who follow these best practices are continually engaged by our clients and remain eligible to be part of our TalentClouds:

Keep Your Profile Updated

Your profile can serve as a powerful magnet to attract clients and position you for the best opportunities. As you gain more skills, add them. A comprehensive profile showcasing your subject matter expertise increases your chances of landing the right opportunity.

Update Your Availability

Whether you’re searching for a new job opportunity, or just looking for a part-time project, please update your availability so hiring managers know when you will be available next and how many hours you can devote to a project.


Come to interviews with enthusiasm. Research the company and be prepared to explain why you’re interested and a terrific fit. Be on time and don’t miss interviews. If something unavoidable comes up, always notify your interviewer and your Experfy Talent Advisor in advance.

Communicate Clearly and Often

Experfy experts are expected to be highly responsive and communicate regularly and succinctly, whether verbally or in writing. Establish a regular update process and cadence with your manager from the beginning - and stick to it.

Be Agile and Deliver

Technology projects aren’t always a straight-line. When things do change, strive to adapt to the changes. Take an opportunity to learn new skills - you can even upskill through Experfy’s community resources. And, always do what you say, deliver your best work and follow-through.

Keep Us Updated - We Can Help

Your Experfy Talent Advisor will stay in touch with you and we encourage you to do the same. Never hesitate to reach out if you have a question, challenge or concern. We’re here to help and ensure you have an exceptional experience.

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