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The Tools That Will Power The Remote Work Revolution

When workers are empowered to work in any location, massive socioeconomic benefits result, like diversity, environmental sustainability, and economic development. But what this event signifies is something even more impactful — innovation isn’t locked in one place anymore.. These founders were located all over the world, some even in isolated regions. What we witness is not just the expansion of workplace, but the distribution of startup opportunities. The future of work is here, and it brought international equal accessibility with it.

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A Guide To Agile Scrum Methodology in Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a bit critical process if you wish to build an astounding app. All you need for this is proactive and brainstorming ideas. Business leaders are seeking every possible way for the quick market reach and outshine the competition. That’s why many developers follow an agile scrum methodology. The perks it provides are more amazing such as increased business value, better quality management, greater transparency, and more are enough to push the developers to follow the Agile development Scrum approach for their project.

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In Defence of Maturity-based Approaches for Cyber Security

As a matter of fact, whether a firm takes a maturity-driven route or a risk-driven route to ensure it is well protected from cyber threats, none of that changes the nature, the reality or the virulence of those threats, and as a result, the nature of the measures the firm needs to have in place to be well protected. The assumption that risk-based approaches are somehow more advanced than maturity-based ones, and represent an “evolution” of cyber security practices is highly disputable. Those two approaches are just different ways of managing cyber security in different situations and different firms.

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How COVID-19 is reversing economies of scale

Social distancing and lockdowns amid the COVID-19 crisis have taken a tremendous toll on small businesses and employees, but they’ve also shifted the unscaling trend into a higher gear — which, we can all hope, will create new opportunities as the economy rebounds. We’re already witnessing the rapid reinvention of industries such as healthcare, education, and  manufacturing, and a historical shift in the way we work. Technology was already pushing mass markets and production to become more personalized and distributed, and the novel coronavirus is accelerating the shift.

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Eight Key Tech Trends in a Post-COVID-19 World

COVID19 pandemic is the ultimate catalyst for digital transformation and will greatly accelerate several major trends that were already well underway before the pandemic. Things are not likely to return to pre-pandemic norms. While this pandemic has forced many businesses to reduce or suspend operations, affecting their bottom line, it has helped to accelerate the development of several emerging technologies. This is especially true for innovations that reduce human-to-human contact, automate processes, and increase productivity amid social distancing. 

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Python and R Courses for Data Science

Since Python and R are a must for today's data scientists, continuous learning is paramount. This list contains well-known courses that can assist anyone wanting to begin a general understanding of each language and their specialized applications. Although R is not your traditional programming language like Java or Python, it is still useful to learn the productivity tool to organize your code and how to use your IDE to write code faster and more efficient.

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What Is a DNS Server & Why the Internet Wouldn’t Work Without the DNS System

A DNS server is the modern equivalent of a phone book or old school phone operator, but for websites instead of phone numbers. Every website has a “phone number” called an IP address… but we don’t want to type in the IP address, so we use the website domain name instead. But what does DNS actually stand for and how does it work to simplify life on the internet? In the article, we’ll answer your question “what is a Domain Name System” and break down how it's used to translate domain names to IP addresses.

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Remote Work Is Here to Stay and These Are the Power Skills You’ll Need

Successful remote work requires are more than reliable IT infrastructure. Project teams collaborating over screens and chat boxes, often across far-flung time zones and geographies, need new skills to do their best work. These remote work skills have been known as “soft skills”, but that term undersells their importance. Stanford professor Behnam Tabrizi embraces the term “power skills” for enduring human capabilities and attributes like empathy, emotional intelligence, and especially communication. Here are a few examples of skills taking greater relevance.

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Five typical mistakes socially intelligent people avoid making

After all, as human beings, we all like to be treated differently. When it comes to how we don’t like to be treated, however, we are oddly similar. We will never get every interaction perfect. Every day, however, we have countless opportunities to try to improve them. To raise your social intelligence, become more conscious of the behaviors that turn people off. Then make a commitment not to do them as often in the future. Below are 5 typical mistakes that people with high social intelligence try not to make.

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The Workforce Is Calling, Higher Education, Will You Answer?

Learning agility and adaptability are now paramount considerations in hiring. Recent neuroscience research suggests that humans may be built for lifelong learning. Business leaders report that social or behavioral skills are now the most in-demand skills with 80% of CEOs reporting talent is their number one concern. One hundred and twenty million people worldwide, with almost 12 million in the United States alone, will need retraining in both behavioral and technical skills. Higher education, the world’s workers are calling. Will you answer?   

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Pandas Pivot - The Ultimate Guide

A pivot table is a table of statistics that summarizes the data of a more extensive table. In practical terms, a pivot table calculates a statistic on a breakdown of values. For the first column, it displays values as rows and for the second column as columns. Pandas has a pivot_table function that applies a pivot on a DataFrame. It also supports aggfunc that defines the statistic to calculate when pivoting. Pandas pivot is an essential tool of every Data Scientist.

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Five IoT trends to watch out for in 2020

IoT has paved its way into several devices that are adopted by people in their daily lives. First, it was televisions, then thermostats, wearables, and now almost every device is connected with the help of IoT. And, over the years, several IoT trends have emerged and will continue to grow in 2020. Along with the increasing adoption, there are several other IoT trends that will continue to trend in 2020. the expected IoT trends for this year paint a positive picture for the technology and its adopters.

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What to Expect from the Future of Work Virtual SummIT

Many businesses are taking this time to iron out their remote work processes, and for good reason: Widespread remote work could be here to stay. Much like conferences have had to shift to a digital format, businesses have had to do so as well. The immediate need to work remotely has driven every industry through a brick wall of uncertainty to realize that business operations don’t have to be confined to the office.

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How Will Blockchain Technology Transform the Current Monetary System?

This article gives a brief explanation of the structure of the current money and payment system and the functioning of blockchain technology with Bitcoin as an example. It further elaborates the advantages of DLT and its difference to the current design of the monetary system. The last chapter summarizes the different ways of how DLT can be used in our current money and payment system. DLT can provide tremendous benefits with respect to payment efficiency and settlement speed. 

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The Urgent Need for Wide Adoption of Healthcare Analytics

The sole objective of healthcare analytics is to improve the medical care and widen the medical reach by all possible ways and means of advanced computing. However, its affectivity is measured by using an aim which comes across as six-fold: Better outcomes, assured quality, reduced cost, increased speed, improved convenience, and lastly – preventive care. This article hovers over them to see what each has to offer with AI by the side for the future of healthcare.

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Text Preprocessing for NLP and Machine Learning Tasks

The preprocessing usually consists of several steps that depend on a given task and the text, but can be roughly categorized into segmentation, cleaning, normalization, annotation and analysis. Preparing a text for analysis is a complicated art which requires choosing optimal tools depending on the text properties and the task. There are multiple pre-built libraries and services for the most popular languages used in data science that help automate text pre-processing, however, certain steps will still require manually mapping terms, rules and words.

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The Complete Guide on Continuous Innovation

If you’re involved in the business at any level, you’ve no doubt heard the term continuous innovation at one time or another. Because our world is constantly evolving, it’s impossible for a business to remain successful if the products and/or services they offer are stagnant. Due to an increasingly borderless world and global competition, organizations must constantly be innovating their people and products to remain relevant. Continuous innovation is one of the best ways to get this accomplished. 

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Tackling COVID-19 requires better governance of AI and other frontier technologies – here's why

The COVID-19 crisis is shining a bright light on the rapid development and adoption of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) for impact real-life, real-time settings. Virus or no virus, advances in technology (along with profound demographic shifts worldwide and climate change) guarantee the coming decade will be one of transformation and dislocation. However, already we can see that AI/ML is central to the COVID-19 picture – and when put to use, these technologies require concerted assessment, thoughtful governance and careful handling by the people using them. This crisis then puts new and particular demands on government and corporate leadership.

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Five Ways How the Corona Crisis Will Change Organisations

Before the Corona crisis, organisations knew they had to digitally transform their business, but there was no urgency. Now the urgency is there, and many organisations will speed up the process of digital transformation. The rise of digitalism can be very positive for you and me or become a disaster.  In 1–2 years, the Corona crisis will be over, but the changes in our economy will be long-term. Let’s see how Corona will affect our way of doing business.

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Why Enterprise Software Will Be Forever Changed

With the COVID-19 pandemic companies have little choice but to change. It’s existential. And technology will be the way to survive. While this will lead to much more spending on IT, this does not imply that the enterprise software industry can rest on its laurels either. There will also be wrenching changes. There will be many software companies that will simply disappear. So what will things look like? What will we see for the enterprise software industry? Let’s take a look.

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How Much Downtime Can Your Company Handle?

The faster a security incident can be dealt with, the lower its costs. Strict security automation and intelligent orchestration are key to containing damages. As companies implement cloud and digital transformation, they'll need security solutions that work seamlessly across multiple clouds. The RTOs of current solutions must be reviewed, as some may be unable to keep abreast of changing business demands. Two ways to offset the costs of a security incident are to create an incident response team and to extensively test the incident response plan.

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How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Accelerating The Future Of Work

More than any other factor, the pace of change in technology, the economy, and society are reshaping the future of work. Yet even as forward-thinking leaders have pondered effects of accelerated change on their organizations, actual transformation has been, paradoxically, slow. That is, until now. If the future of work requires restructured workplaces, redefined roles, rapid learning, and reserves of trust—and it does, organizations are being challenged to do all that and more as they address the coronavirus pandemic.

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To Preserve Jobs for Humans, Some Propose a Robot Tax

Machines have already found steady work in the manufacturing and automotive industries. More recently, they’ve made headway in law, medicine, and even art. In the last few years, some academics, politicians, and business leaders have been advocating for a robot tax — a sum companies pay whenever they replace workers with robots and computer programs. What’s more, some experts say that the threat of a future pandemic like Covid-19 is another reason to encourage automation, as machines and programs are immune to disease and could eventually help mitigate the harm to the economy and infrastructure.

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Stop making data scientists manage Kubernetes clusters

As machine learning becomes more deeply embedded into your product, it becomes obvious that the machine learning team needs to grow, as the responsibilities of the data scientist have ballooned. This is not an uncommon scenario, and what frequently happens is that the new responsibilities of the machine learning org—infrastructure, in particular—get passed onto the data scientist(s). If we want a future in which ML-powered software is truly commonplace, removing the infrastructure bottleneck is essential—and to do that, we need to treat it as a real specialization, and let data scientists focus on data science.

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