AI and Machine Learning Data Scientist (Game Analytics)

Hire vetted senior Data Scientists specialized in game analytics for your team

Cloud Description

Data scientists in this TalentCloud should be able to help game developers and publishers to drive conversions, refine critical flows, and boost retention for their titles by making the right decisions based on data. A good understanding of the gaming industry and common data types generated and maintained in this sector is required. 

Required Skills

  • 3+ years of experience in game analytics.
  • Proficient in Python.
  • Experience with SaaS platforms.
  • Extensive experience with customer segmentation and targeting, propensity modelling, churn modelling, lifetime value estimation, forecasting, recommendation systems, modelling response to incentives, and price optimization.
  • Expert in Computer Vision
  • Experience with NLP
  • Experience with experiment design
  • Extensive experience with optimization methods
  • Expert in segmented into the surface analysis, network analysis, and geovisualization
  • Hands-on experience writing data processing and data pipeline for unstructured data model development including gathering and building datasets to collect intents, cleaning noisy data, designing feedback loop on data needs
  • Proficient in SQL
  • Good understanding of GPUs

Preferred Skills 

  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Experience with BigQuery
  • Experience with R/Scala
  • Experience with Containers
  • Experience with Django
  • Experience with active learning and reinforcement learning
  • Experience with GCP, AWS, or Azure
  • Experience with Big Data platforms such as Spark (SparkML/PySpark)
  • Experience with streaming data
  • Graduate degree in Computer Science or a related field

Are you an Expert in this field?

If you possess proficiency in any of the skills in this field, you can apply to this TalentCloud. Once you have been approved to join this Cloud, you will be able to access exclusive contract opportunities from our clients.