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Website Audit

A website audit reveals your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities with regard to tracking and reporting. It brings everyone involved on the same page. Our web analytics experts have in-depth, advanced understanding of how to customize and analyze data across a wide range of web analytics tools. We can perform website audits to identify basic problems with your installation or data collection. We can ensure that the data you are collecting is accurate and useful. If your analytics implementation is incomplete or inaccurate – or hasn’t been set up to report on your marketing channels – the insights you are getting may be leading you to inaccurate conclusions. Our Web Analytics Audit will set you up to receive actionable business insights from your data. Here are the basic steps involved in the audit:

  • Website architecture and code audit
  • Site search tracking
  • Bounce rate by traffic (paid, returning and new customers)
  • Review account filters
  • Custom URL tracking (make inbound traffic and campaigns attributable at a granular level) 
  • Mobile web development through monitoring traffic and conversions 
  • Macro and micro conversions
  • Custom dashboard and reporting


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