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Attribution Modeling & Performance Attribution

Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise (or private, public, or NGO), the chances are that you are doing more than one type of promotion marketing – from email campaigns, to paid search (cpc), to social media, display advertising and also offline channels like TV, radio, billboards, and print. It is very difficult to know which channels, campaigns or sequence of touch points contributed to qualified conversions and sales. By using attribution modeling and performance attribution, marketers can know what triggered each response, so that they can assess whether or not their marketing efforts are getting the best results.

Some of the more rudimentary attribution modeling techniques use the “last click” approach to assign credit, but given the multichannel user experience that is typical of the purchasing path, that model is simplistic and does not reflect the consumer’s behavior. Other models divide credit equally among all touchpoints with which the consumer engages. Those models also do not accurately weigh the impact of each channel.

Our experts can build models that use attribution analytics and sophisticated algorithms to sort out the effect of each form of advertising and assign credit to every touchpoint in a campaign lifecycle. We calculate the impact of ads at different stages of the purchase process which might begin with a display ad that generates brand awareness, continue with a keyword search, and proceed through conversion (purchase).

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