Analytics Setup & Implementation

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Track your visitors, analyze trends, gain insights to improve and optimize your website or app, personalize ads, boost sales and much more.

Analytics Setup & Implementation

In order to ensure that the most accurate and actionable data is tracked on your website, a properly implemented analytics platform is critical. Whether your end goal is to measure campaign performance or to improve the user experience of your site, our certified experts have extensive experience in performing deep audit of your key business objectives, and then tagging, coding and configuring your platform accordingly. A typical implementation plan includes:

  • Defining key metrics to track against desired business outcomes
  • Creation of profiles and filters
  • Implementation of goals and funnels
  • Integration with Google Webmaster, Adwords, marketing automation and CRM systems
  • Load time tracking 
  • Tracking of internal site search
  • Tracking plan for search engine effectiveness
  • Tracking of mobile visitors
  • Measurement strategy for internal and external campaigns and the impact of offline media on your website
  • Campaign tagging
  • Remarketing lists
  • Micro conversion tracking for measuring shopping cart abandonment and shopping cart close rate
  • Creation of dashboards and scheduling of reports and alerts
  • Increasing data reliability and customize reporting
  • Minimize technical irregularities and ensure compliance

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