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If you possess deep expertise that would be useful to data scientists, engineers or executives, apply to join our training platform.

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Propose a course within an existing track or propose a new track altogether. There is an interest in a wide range of courses--from methodology and big picture thinking to programming languages and databases.

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Experfy Training platform provides tools to help you organize your course. We also provide free video editing assistance once your course has been approved.

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Teach and Earn

Experfy delivers your course to people around the globe, while you earn top dollars for your expertise.

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We Help You Succeed

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Course Delivery

We handle all the hosting, billing and customer service so you may focus on teaching.

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Mentoring and Support

Our course mentors help you understand the course creation processes and also help you with video editing.

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Pulse of the Market

Experfy also runs a successful marketplace where you can find consulting opportunities and ideas for your courses.

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