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Penetrating insights to how your customers feel about your product, campaign, offer or service.

Social Media Analytics

There is a rich bounty of customer insights hidden in the midst of textual data. But the question always remains, “Where do we start?” Experfy's experts enable companies to incorporate understanding of the textual content, providing critical competitive advantage over their peers, providing key areas of improvement and increased vigil to streamline workflows. Key areas include:

Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis
Combining machine learning and artificial intelligence, we help you understand the tonality of conversations (positive, negative, neutral). You can analyze the opinions of your fans and followers and get the picture of what people discuss and how they perceive your brand.  

Brand Monitoring & Competitive Analysis
Monitor all competing brands on social media and review websites and portals that compare businesses. Identify key influencers, communities, and advocates of your brand.

Lead Generation 
Social media is a gold mine for companies to search for prospects. Identify an important conversational concept - intent to buy - and leverage the tweets and comments to generate potential leads. 

Trend Analysis?
Compare your social media insights with data from previous reports. Help understand surges and declines in sentiments and conversations after announcements, product launches, and marketing initiatives.



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