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Dynamic Pricing & Optimization

Our experts can conduct cross-product forecasting, develop elasticity models, create price optimization scenarios, and build solutions to implement pricing decisions in real-time based on current market data. Our area of expertise spans from creating price optimization models to building robust pricing platforms with multichannel integration. Some of the key applications are:

  • Market Based Pricing: Optimize prices for products, portfolios, and channels based on market conditions and target contribution margins.
  • Price Elasticity and Sensitivity: Estimate the impact of pricing on sales volumes.
  • Cross Price Elasticity: Understand the impact of price differentials on market share.
  • Dynamic Pricing: Estimate price-change triggers based on customer behavior to maximize revenue/profitability.
  • Competitive Pricing: Analyze the competitive pricing and assortment landscape by category, brand, shipping charges, discounts and other dimensions to derive actionable intelligence.
  • Contract Pricing: Optimize long-term return on big-ticket contracts based on financing options and coverage of lifecycle risks and costs.


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