Supply Chain Analytics


Reduce costs in warehousing, transportation and inventory, while boosting service levels and efficiency and visibility into your operations.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics and management takes a comprehensive view of how to ensure that the right goods are delivered to the right place in the right quantity at the right time. We help you build a supply chain that is more connected, intelligent, scalable, and rapid, and unites not just physical flows but also talent, information, and finance.

  • Supply Chain Metrics and Dashboard: Provide real-time visibility into the supply chain and seamless collaboration throughout the entire business ecosystem
  • Planning and Scheduling: Provide clients with accurate forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling systems to create robust processes
  • Network Optimization: Quantitative approaches to optimize manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and flow paths and minimize freight and inventory costs while retaining the capability to reliably meet uncertain customer demand
  • Working Capital Management: Create sophisticated inventory management solutions in a wide variety of settings including distribution, retail, and manufacturing
  • Outsourcing: Establish an appropriate risk profile when procuring components, finished goods, and services off-shore

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