UX/UI Design Content Strategist/Copywriter, UX Writer

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Cloud Description

Experts in this TalentCloud should be able to craft helpful text across all the webpages, providing a seamless experience in making customers read and understand what the product is all about. Experts would be involved in the content-related decision-making processes so that they can set a voice and text tone and drive content strategy deliverables, such as content audits, inventories, and matrices.


  • Write clear, compelling copy and drive strategy for new content development
  • Ensure consistent messages across platforms
  • Provide ongoing qualitative and quantitative measurements of content usage and effectiveness based on customer’s feedback
  • Strong grip on understanding of how users interact with our products and tools and use data to drive meaningful content decisions
  • Carry the company’s brand voice across multiple channels, and maintain the product-specific tone and style standards

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university in English, marketing creative writing, technical writing, or a related field
  • 5+ years of writing experience in a global environment
  • Strong, proven content strategy development and product content writing skills
  • Strong portfolio of UX-focused writing samples and style guidelines for web and mobile applications
  • Demonstrated success in applying Design Thinking methodologies and UX best practices

Technical Tools

  • Google Docs
  • Zeplin
  • InVision
  • Github
  • Sketch
  • Thesaurus.com
  • Grammar Girl

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