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  • PL/SQL Developer
  • Oracle Developer
  • MySQL Developer
  • Postgres Developer
  • ETL Developer
  • Microsoft SQL Server Developer

Cloud Description

Experts in Database Developer TalentCloud should be able to design and develop new database objects including tables, views, functions, stored procedures, indexes, jobs, etc., following Agile Development Methodology. The TalentCloud members are required to understand, suggest, and choose from possible technical solutions/tools to satisfy business needs. 

Further responsibilities would include:

  • Use the best practices/techniques for keeping the design/solution under control without excessive work or rework
  • Assist developers with complex query tuning and schema refinement
  • Install, tune, implement and upgrade DBMS installations
  • Write and deploy SQL patches
  • Proactively and regularly make recommendations for system improvements
  • Collate, prepare and present statistical information for internal and external use
  • Create databases with efficient structures
  • Write optimized queries, views, and triggers for integration with other applications
  • Maintain high standards of data quality and integrity
  • Understand issues related to network performance and security
  • Contribute to written design and API documentation

Required Skills

  • Extensive experience in creating and maintaining databases
  • Extensive experience in writing/designing simple to complex database queries
  • Extensive experience in a query language like Oracle or MySQL or Postgres or PL/SQL or MongoDB
  • Extensive experience in doing small to large data migrations
  • Extensive experience in doing data extraction, data transformation, and data loading

Preferred Skills

  • Working experience in technologies like PL/SQL or Oracle or MySQL or Postgres or ETL etc.
  • Extensive experience in cloud services like AWS and Azure
  • Big data technologies like Hadoop and Spark