Internet of Things IoT Project Manager

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Cloud Description

Experts in this TalentCloud are expected to be experienced project managers with 5+ years of project management background. They should have experience using project management tools as well as Agile tools. Other responsibilities and preferences are:

  • They possess a proven ability to bring multi-threaded projects with many moving parts and sub-projects to a successful conclusion
  • The IoT Project Managers should be able to effectively manage all parts using agile and project management tools and lead Agile SCRUM effort
  • Responsible for Managing IoT project
  • Detailed understanding of all components of IoT project
  • Manage all development and implementation functions
  • Use/Implement appropriate project management tools
  • Use/Implement appropriate agile development tools
  • Manage the delivery of releases to customer

Required Skills

  • Understand the 4 core IoT components: devices, connectivity, IoT platforms, and applications
  • Understand data models and how they apply to all aspects of the IoT implementation
  • Understand IoT devices and how they function
  • Understand connectivity methods and how they are implemented and managed
  • Knowledge about at least one IoT platform (AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, or other)
  • Knowledge of project management of IoT device configuration and integration
  • Knowledge about managing complexity such as connectivity (method, protocols, configuration, and management)
  • Experience in project managing cloud computing projects
  • Experience in project managing implementation of web and mobile applications
  • Ability to effectively project manage development and implementation of the 4 IoT components
  • Experience with the critical component, integration, and end-to-end testing
  • Know how to implement key IoT milestone like 'tracer bullet': first end-to-end message from the device through application and the reverse
  • Know how to implement the IoT pipeline: the four components working seamlessly with each other
  • Proven experience with project management tools (e.g. Microsoft Project manager)
  • Proven experience with team management tools (such as Teams, Slack)
  • Proven experience in implementing bug tracking tools and implement across the organization
  • Proven experience with agile management tools (JIRA)
  • SCRUM certification

Preferred Skills

  • 2+ years IoT experience as a project manager for IoT supplier or implementing IoT solutions
  • Experience in budgeting and how to manage projects so that they are delivered on budget
  • Experience in project time management so that projects are delivered on time
  • End-to-end project management of at least one IoT project
  • Experience in detailed project management of at least one IoT component project (device, connectivity, IoT platform, applications)
  • Track record of having project managed multiple webs and mobile applications with successful delivery to the customer
  • Track record of having delivered a couple of multifaceted complex projects with many components and piece parts
  • Experience in managing contractor, supplier, and customer relationships
  • Computer Science degree
  • Project management certification from a recognized body
  • Experience in project management of embedded computing products