Cyber Security Compliance, Identification & Prevention

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Popular Cloud Architect Roles in this TalentCloud

  • Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • Financial Crime Compliance Manager
  • Data Loss Prevention Analyst
  • Data Loss Prevention Leader/Director
  • Loss Prevention and Safety Associate
  • DLP Engineer
  • Cyber Risk Manager
  • Intrusion Detection Analyst
  • Data Security Engineer
  • Data Protection and Privacy - Security Architect
  • Cyber Security Compliance Analyst
  • IT Security Risk Assessor
  • Security and Compliance Architect

Cloud Description

Cybersecurity experts in this TalentCloud should be able to combat bad actors, threats, and intrusions as quickly as possible, or altogether entirely, all while remaining in compliance with government, industry, and company policies and procedures.  


  • Establish protocols to protect sensitive data and proprietary information
  • Meet all audit and compliance requirements according to laws and organizational standards
  • Identify and repair weak areas and abnormalities within systems
  • Detect, identify and prevent various intrusions through network analysis and tool utilization
  • Notify appropriate parties of incidents and bad actor events swiftly and effectively
  • Categorize, determine severity, monitor and report all incidents and suspicious events
  • Create custom signatures (IDS/IPS) pertaining to new adversary and threat methodologies
  • Maintain and manage systems, networks, information, applications, products, infrastructure, and equipment
  • Develop, deploy and analyze new goals and detection practices
  • Collaborate with engineering teams and execute various projects to improve upon analysis, correlation, event collection, response, and threat detection
  • Analyze and investigate company-wide threats, vulnerabilities, and susceptibilities through investigation and digital forensics
  • Conduct both in-house and third-party internal system audits regularly
  • Develop, maintain and enforce internal security policy and procedure
  • Plan and implement user system access and system security administration in accordance to industry compliance standards and best practices 
  • Design, support, and enhance information and data security plans and security systems
  • Research and utilize effective and appropriate hardware and software to protect systems and applications from outside threats
  • Perform or manage penetration tests as a preventative measure
  • Write, analyze and improve upon existing code and secure algorithms

Preferred Education 

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or Related Field
  • Equivalent Work Experience

Required Skills 

  • Capabilities in security log aggregation, SIEM technology, LAN and intrusion detection systems
  • Must have architect experience in real-time systems
  • Possess expertise in forensics, incident response, or security monitoring
  • Proficiency in languages, such as Java, Ruby, C++, SQL, HTML, and Python
  • Understand PCAP and network data flow

Preferred Skills

  • Complete certification in specialized areas, such as CEH, CCNA, Security+, GSEC, SSCP, and others

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