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Popular Cloud Architect Roles in this TalentCloud

  • Blockchain Auditor
  • Blockchain Security Engineer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain Interoperability Engineer
  • Blockchain Test Engineer
  • Blockchain Analyst
  • Blockchain Software Engineer

Cloud Description

Blockchain Security experts in this TalentCloud should be able to establish greater protection, identification, detection, response, and recovery actions for all blockchain networks, practices, and infrastructure. This includes all security measures and resolutions, from encryption and tracking to database management and cryptography. 


  • Utilize debugging and sound testing practices
  • Prioritize, plan and automate testing, including CI/CD infrastructure
  • Identify, report, and resolve any areas of vulnerabilities, as well as actual incidents
  • Perform live run testing to examine the microservices architecture and distributed system
  • Collaborate in the development of stack components
  • Develop and implement processes and procedures to encourage secure scalability and enhanced performance
  • Examine each branch of code meticulously for potential errors and areas of weakness
  • Review and debug open-source code from third-party apps
  • Partner with engagement and tech architecture teams to provide solutions for cloud hosting or on-prem
  • Train team members in cloud infrastructures, security models, integrations, and architect cloud-hosted solutions
  • Provide support, oversight, and guidance to project deployment teams to remain on time and within budget
  • Perform preventative and root cause analyses
  • Manage cyber controls, database systems, and processing systems
  • Coordinate issues with processing software alongside additional IT groups, such as operations and applications

Preferred Education 

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in IT or Computer Science Related Field

Required Skills 

  • Detail-oriented in all circumstances
  • Advanced technical acumen and a solid understanding of blockchain technology
  • Proven experience in quality assurance or software testing
  • Verify use of software testing practices, tools, methodologies, and processes
  • Willingness to provide support and work in a team capacity
  • Programming in specific languages, such as Golang, is essential
  • Ability to accept and be fueled by constructive criticism in a professional manner
  • Adapt to be a self-motivated, independent team member when necessary

Preferred Skills

  • Qualifications or certifications in open source development 

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