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Popular Cloud Architect Roles in this TalentCloud

  • Cloud IOT Architect (Azure)
  • Cloud IOT Architect (AWS)
  • Cloud IOT Architect (GCP)
  • Cloud IOT Architect (IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Other)

Cloud Description

Experts in the IoT Architect TalentCloud are expected to sort through all the data transmitted between networks from the various machines and gadgets used every day by millions of people. IoT architects are expected to create and communicate the IoT concept, message, and architecture, and help organizations fix business problems by designing IoT solutions.


  • Will be responsible for defining the strategy for IoT/SaaS
  • Advise the management team on available technologies
  • Conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis between platforms
  • Manage the cloud platform (Azure/AWS)
  • Negotiate with hardware vendors
  • Develop the strategy for the ecosystem
  • Steer development and industrialization of IoT Solutions

Required Skills

  • Deep knowledge of IoT Strategy, standards, protocols
  • Experience with working on RS232, MQTT, AMQP, Enocean Serial Protocol 3, CoAP
  • Worked or consultancy on any IoT Platform
  • Participate in the definition of development of IoT roadmaps and support the technical decisions
  • Embedded or real-time operating systems, and/or driver/kernel development
  • High level of comfort communicating effectively across internal and external organizations
  • Deep understanding of sensors and gateways
  • Cloud technologies such as Open Stack, AWS, Azure, Oracle Virtual Box, Splunk, Dyna Trace, Precise, etc.
  • Individual Skills
  • Able to communicate effectively with the user community, IT, clients, and any other internal-external stakeholders
  • Comfortable working with quick turnaround times and deadlines