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Popular Cloud Architect Roles in this TalentCloud

  • Cloud Architect (IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Others)
  • Cloud Architect (GCP)
  • Cloud Architect (AWS)
  • Cloud Architect (Azure)

Cloud Description

This TalentCloud seeks experts who can be responsible for managing front-end platforms, servers, and storage, as well as the delivery of networks required to manage cloud storage. Other tasks, duties, and responsibilities include:

  • Work directly with stakeholders to comprehend solution problems and identify opportunities
  • Work together with a team of application developers, engineers, and designers to deliver innovative technology solutions using AWS public cloud services
  • Responsible for collecting and defining technical requirements to enable business process and integrations
  • Establish an approximate level-of-effort and staffing requirements for complex development projects
  • Lead team of engineers and IT specialists to design effective, efficient, scalable, and secure applications within the organization’s cloud software platform
  • Ensure that solutions created by the development team stick to technical architecture standards
  • Responsible for writing and reviewing codes and also contributing to all technical discussions and architecture planning
  • Note down and maintain clear documentation and standards for cloud operations in the organization
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging technology trends and promote an environment of learning
  • Responsible for monitoring the production environment and also advance the obtainable monitoring setup as needed
  • Sustain performance and availability of production systems in the public cloud infrastructure to achieve optimal uptime

Required Skills

  • 7 to 9 years of experience in Cloud architecture
  • 5+ years of experience designing enterprise solutions in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Experience driving Cloud migration and ongoing management of cloud resources in an Enterprise setting
  • Strong understanding of Agile methodologies, such and Kanban or SCRUM
  • Strong understanding of application development principles and building CI/CD Pipelines in partnership with application development teams
  • Hands-on experience with configuration management solutions (Chef, Puppet, Ansible, etc.)
  • Responsible for oversight of cost, performance, and SLA commitments with Cloud providers
  • Coordinates Cloud architecture, integration, and dependencies with other teams
  • Serves as the internal technical point of contact providing valuable, timely, and accurate technical leadership for Cloud services
  • Deploys automated infrastructure or applications (PowerShell, VBScript, Python, Java, Node.js, JSON, or YAML)
  • Utilizes automation for ongoing Cloud resource optimization including rightsizing of Cloud resources, identifying and remediating resource waste, and optimizing cloud spend.
  • Develops and executes on long-range technology strategy roadmaps
  • Continuously assesses current cloud footprint and market offerings in helping to drive technology decisions, lead POCs of new solutions/capabilities
  • Encourage high levels of automation in the Cloud environment
  • Work closely with Global Security to ensure the solutions we're designing and delivering meet data security and compliance requirements
  • Utilizes strategic, technical, and operational experience to drive Cloud strategy, governance, and architecture
  • Takes an active role in the evaluation, operations, development, automation, and release of new and existing cloud-related products
  • Responsible for the day-to-day governance of Cloud infrastructure, as well as driving innovation, optimization, and delivery of our Cloud solutions
  • Works with internal partners and application development areas in solution and driving adoption of Cloud services
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong written, interpersonal, and communication skills