AI and Machine Learning Statistician/Mathematician

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Cloud Description

This TalentCloud requires expertise in using mathematical and statistical models to analyze data and recommend useful solutions. The TalentCloud members are expected to have a formal graduate degree in statistics or mathematics and should be familiar with commonly used tools such as R, SAS, and Stata.

Required Skills 

  • Proficient in R, Python, Julia, or other open-source languages with strong numerical computing ecosystems
  • Proficient in SAS, Stata, MATLAB/ Mathematica
  • Expert in hierarchical modeling, time-series/state-space methods, and/or distribution fitting
  • Expert in econometric models such as panel data analysis, survival analysis, and vector autoregression
  • Expert in geospatial models
  • Extensive experience with applying statistical methods to solve complex real-world problems
  • Expert in pre-processing data including dealing with anomalies and outliers, dealing with missing values, flooring/capping, and data transformations
  • Excellent communication and storytelling skills

Preferred Skills 

  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases 
  • Experience with Python
  • 5+ years of experience as a statistician or mathematician

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