Smart Cities

Internet of Things

Sensors and Actuators embedded in the physical objects from roadways to thermostats - are linked through networks that churn huge amounts of data. We enable to you act on this information in real time.

Smart Cities

A smart city enabled with IoT sensor networks would enable smart use of resources by using them only when needed, building and empowering systems that save time, energy, and money, and improve the overall quality of life. 

  • Smart Lighting: Reduce energy wastage by using intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights
  • Water Management: Water leaks can be detected and corrected and irrigation of parks can be optimized
  • Transport Management: Cloud based big data automation enabling smooth flow through real time traffic maps. Traffic can be reduced with systems that detect the nearest available parking slot. Through mobile interfaces, bus riders could see real time positions and get notifications in time for the bus.
  • Noise Pollution: Sound monitoring in bar areas and centric zones in real time.
  • Structural Health Monitoring: Monitoring of vibrations and material condition in buildings, bridges, and historic construction
  • Citizen Information System: Cloud based big data automation enables smooth flow through real time traffic maps
  • Waste Management: Detection of rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes 

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Worked at von Braun Labs
Internet of Things Application Lead
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