Shelf Storage & Merchandise Planning

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Shelf Storage & Merchandise Planning

Product inventory and shelf space have always been a retailer?'s most valuable resources. Now analytics can be used to determine which products provide the highest level of sales and profits. Our experts utilize powerful optimization tools to leverage products, shelf storage, store fixture and performance data, enabling retailers to plan localized assortments based on the store clusters and maximize the space utilization. We help retailers to plan a variety of assortment mixes and create balanced merchandise planning strategies, with unique market-based, customer-based, fashion-based, and price-based assortments. Key capabilities include:     

  • Assortment Planning
    • Identify top selling styles and recommend the quantity needed to maximize margin contribution
    • Identify and account for lost sales on styles with under-purchased units 
    • Identify and account for an under-purchased breadth of styles
    • Consider the potential price erosion as more units are added to styles
    • Determine the optimal balance of adding units to the top selling styles or adding additional styles
  • Benefits:
    • Increased SKU productivity (identify and reduce under-performing products and invest more in top sellers)
    • Increased full-price sell-thru and reduced markdowns and stock-outs
    • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through localization of assortments
    • Reduced administrative costs and errors
  • Size Optimization: Through historical point of sale analysis and optimization algorithms, we help determine the optimal size distribution by store that will minimize lost sales due to early size breaks without increasing inventory. You can account for missed sales potential from:
    • Sizes that were out of stock early as well as margin losses from overstocked sizes that were sold at discounted prices
    • Optimize size profiles and distribution by store for open stock
    • Optimize pack size configurations and distribution of pre-packs to stores
    • Automatically apply size profile to purchase order
  • Benefits: 
    • Clients can mirror the size profile of local demand at the style attribute and door level
    • Reduced size breaks and increased full price sell-thru deliver higher revenue and gross margin contribution

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