Demand Forecasting

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Use analytics to boost your brand and sales, better inform business decisions and provide customers with a more seamless shopping experience.

Demand Forecasting

With customers expecting immediate responses irrespective of location or time, you need to meet these needs rapidly, and cost-effectively. Our experts can build predictive algorithms to better forecast demand based on internal/external factors and ensure that your Supply Chain is well-oiled to cater to these dynamic needs. We can create custom solutions? - reflecting your unique sales history while utilizing correct statistical methods and the most effective process to refine statistical results and capture collective knowledge.

  • Point of Sale: POS-based forecasting at retailer, distribution center, and store level
  • Deviation Analysis: Forecasted and actual sales are compared at both the store and SKU level
  • Dashboards and Customized Solutions: Key performance enterprise dashboards with trend analysis and predictive analytics for a multi-dimensional drilldown to increase visibility and insight on a global level. Customized solutions adjust to the needs of each individual organization, taking instead of retrofitting a pre-defined product or application
  • Forecasts that Improve Over Time: An explicit process creates a benchmark against which future forecasts can be compared and improved
  • Forecast Integrated with Marketing and Promotions: Procurement and production managers can respond to demand planning projections from sales and marketing activities

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