Skills Ontology is the basis of AI-enabled precise matching

AI and NLP are a part of our platform DNA but they are not sufficient by themselves to give you precise talent matches. We take our AI one step further by building a highly customized skills taxonomy and ontology that is specific to your organization. Algorithmic matching is sharpened when a robust taxonomy is applied to understand a candidate's skills against your hiring needs and roles. Experfy has developed the most comprehensive taxonomy with thousands of categories and sub-categories that are further divided into three dimensions that enable you to drill down on each candidate's:

  • Functional Skills
  • Technology and Tools
  • Industry Experience and Domain Knowledge

The training data we use to train our self-learning AI-based contextual search and matching algorithms also ensures that your hiring process is free of bias and conforms with employment law.

Furthermore, the same taxonomy is used to map your internal workforce to identify skills-gaps and recommend highly personalized career pathing and upskilling programs.

Skills Ontology
Consolidated Talent Search

Consolidated Talent Search

  • Search both active and passive candidates from a wide range of talent sources on a single platform.
  • Experfy believes that merely reaching out to a large number of job seekers is not enough. What’s needed is a highly targeted approach that is predicated on a verticalized sourcing strategy and a proactive approach of nurturing your talent. Search within your role-specific TalentCloud to find people who are pre-vetted and ready to be deployed immediately.
  • Rich profiles that are constantly updated and contain SME feedback enable us to build deep intelligence around each candidate. This allows our AI matching algorithm to be even more precise in recommending the best candidates possible.

360 Degree Profiles

Our candidate profiles are highly intuitive with a quick glance giving you skill level and years of experience for each skill. In a departure from the industry, our matching algorithm is not a black box—we allow you to drill down into the details of our matching score that takes into account parameters such as technology, tools and behavioral assessment to demonstrate each candidate’s suitability for a position. All profiles are maintained by candidates themselves and they are required to regularly update them for both skills and availability. HR Managers and Hiring Managers can share potential candidate profiles individually or within larger roster of candidates. Managers can also ping candidates for availability and send them messages right from the platform to elicit instant response.

360 Degree Profile
Branded Communication

Branded Communication

  • Your brand and open positions serve as a magnet to attract new candidates. From career pages to attract talent to landing pages that are built specifically to keep your TalentCloud member engaged, your brand is communicated at every touch point of the talent acquisition and management lifecycle.
  • Showcase your organizational culture, values, guidelines and rules of engagement to ensure your expectations are met and the community you build has the right cultural fit with your organization.