Track your Hiring through a Single Dashboard

Track your Hiring through a Single Dashboard.

The industry’s first ATS that is designed to build TalentCloud communities at scale, while supporting vetting and pipelining of talent based on custom workflows to accommodate your on-demand hiring process. You define the steps in your community building and recruiting lifecycle. Our TalentCloud ATS moves the candidates seamlessly through each step. You also have the ability to create custom triggers during each action. The TalentCloud ATS lets you manage the entire recruitment process from a single interface, while integrating with other enterprise-grade third-party systems.

Collaborate with and Empower Hiring Managers

Collaborate with hiring managers by sharing shortlisted candidate profiles and rosters from the platform. Or empower them to use Experfy as a self-service solution. Managers can check availability of experts through the platform and if they are available, invite them to interviews using a user-friendly scheduling tool.

Collaborate and Empower Hiring Managers
Flexible Permisions

Flexible Permissions

It’s a powerful and flexible system for defining fine-grained permissions on a role-by-role basis. All the access is controlled in the system by means of user personas and roles. These personas and roles are configured and administered through a central dashboard. You can use one of the predefined templates or create your own roles and personas. Experfy can also provide SSO access to your entire organization or select user groups defined by your SSO policy.

Compliance, Payrolling & Security

Worker Classification and Indemnification

When you enroll in Compliance Services, we’ll ensure each Expert is properly classified as an Independent Contractor, or employed as a W-2 employee by our staffing agency.

Correctly classifying Experts as either independent contractors or employees can be complex and requires applying federal and state laws. Streamline the contracting process, and let us reduce your HR administrative burden. By utilizing this service, Experfy protects your company from misclassification risk.

Payrolling & Employer of Record

Work with Experts that are classified as employees by enrolling them with our staffing agency.

Agent of Record

Experfy’s Compliance team will review your project details and verify that the Expert being hired qualifies for independent contractor classification. Once this verification process is complete, we will assist the Expert in completing the contracting process.

Work Product and Intellectual Property Rights

We will ensure each Expert agrees to terms regarding client ownership of work product and intellectual property rights, in addition to any other requirements that you may have.

Background Checks

At your request, we offer background checks as part of the Expert onboarding process. Once you have extended an offer, we can facilitate a background check that consists of many different types of screenings that we can customize to meet your company’s requirements.