Company Pipeline


  • Let our AI automate your manual selection process and leave the best candidates in your pipeline.
  • Build custom workflows and organize candidates within recruiting stages that reflect your internal processes and methodology.
  • Democratize, accelerate and simplify your hiring process by giving hiring managers a self-service solution that allows them to search and interview candidates using an intuitive interface.

Vetted Candidates Recommended by Experfy

Supercharge your pipeline with candidates that Experfy SMEs have already vetted. This reduces effort and risk on your part and you can short circuit the traditional talent pooling process.



We empower each member of your talent community to own their profile and keep it updated with their availability. Candidates are clustered within specific TalentClouds based on their skills, giving them a sense of belonging and loyalty to their community of experts. When the time comes to contact them, you can expect fast response times coupled with high degree of interest.