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Promotional Pricing

With promotional pricing optimization it is possible to beat the competition and stay ahead through the use of advanced algorithms that blend data analytics and promotional strategies to select the most profitable items and offers. Here are the highlights of what we can do for you:

  • Quantify Promotional Strategies: Model merchandizing activities to make the most profitable offers when developing your promotional strategy.
  • Measure Net Impact: Simulate a variety of promotion vehicles and merchandizing types to understand the total net impact of the chosen event.
  • Implement Accurate Forecasting Methods: On-demand modeling can be conducted at the event or offer level to help predict impact of promotional event.
  • Discount Pricing: Recommend proper timing, frequency, and depth of both event-driven and ongoing markdowns. Our experts leverage customer’s price sensitivity, inventory, seasonality, on order, holiday, weather data and much more to create integrated solutions for airlines, hotels, specialty retailers, and mass merchants.
  • Quantifying Affinity and Product Bundling: Gain insight into which products are trip drivers or basket builders, while avoiding unnecessary discounts that aren’t relevant to consumers.

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