Smart Healthcare

Internet of Things

Sensors and Actuators embedded in the physical objects from roadways to thermostats - are linked through networks that churn huge amounts of data. We enable to you act on this information in real time.

Smart Healthcare

IoT is an enabler to achieve improved care for patients and providers. It could drive better asset utilization, new revenues, and reduced costs. In addition, it has the potential to change how health care is delivered. 

  • Image Management: Automate workflow for fluid information sharing and diagnosis and analytics applications to optimize and lower cost of imaging business processes like scheduling reporting, billing, order management, etc.
  • Visualization: Image visualization applications to process and analyze 2D/3D data sets within an integrated workspace or mobile devices for efficient reading.
  • Health Care Delivery System: Solutions to streamline primary and specialty care workflows including clinical documentation, clinical information systems, quality and performance reporting, analytics, and surveillance.
  • Population Health Management: Improve population health outcomes and lower costs through data aggregation and insight driven prioritization, risk stratification, coordination, and management of patient-centered care.
  • Financial Management: Help providers with comprehensive financial needs including Revenue Management System, Financial Risk management, EDI and Claims Processing, Activity Based Costing (analytics and data integration solutions to align actual costs of healthcare delivery with care delivered), Utilization Management (solutions for evaluating the appropriateness, necessity and efficiency of health care services, procedures and facilities).
  • Healthcare Asset Tracking: Optimization of mobile asset inventories and deploying these assets so that the right equipment is available in the right place, at the right time, and in the right condition to provide patient care. Using dynamic real-time data collection and workflows, hospitals can improve asset availability and utilization. 
  • Patient Flow Analysis: Reduce wait states and replace disparate hospital operations with a single system that functions like an air traffic control system for a hospital. The real-time patient flow and logistics monitoring can help forecast bed/unit demand.

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