Statistica Analytics


Product Bundles


Choose the Statistica bundle that's ideal for your needs. Whether you are a citizen data scientist, industrial engineer, expert statistician, or C-suite executive, we've got you covered.

Big Data Analytics


Big Data has met its match! Statistica's Big Data Analytics platform extends the Statistica portfolio with advanced natural language processing (NLP), entity extraction, interactive visualizations and dashboards, and distributed advanced analytic models across Hadoop, databases and database appliances.

Built for Citizen Data Scientists


The enhanced functionality of the Statistica product enables a broader scope of business users to overcome traditional analytics challenges and bring value to your organization.

Data Miner


Even with over 16,000 functions accessed from one common user interface, Statistica Data Miner has consistently ranked as one of the easiest-to-use data blending, discovery and analytics platforms in the industry. Tailor-made for today's citizen data scientist!



Our Enterprise solution integrates data blending, data discovery, predictive analytics, text mining and a rules engine to deliver prescriptive recommendations to frontline workers and decision-makers. It guides decision-making throughout the organization by prescribing actions and integrating them directly into operational systems.

Visualization & Dashboards


'Realtime' actually means realtime with Statistica Interactive Visualization and Dashboards (SIVD), an optional add-on which raises the bar on visual sophistication and realtime analysis. Integrated directly into Statistica's robust library of analytics algorithms, SIVD enables self-service data preparation from both structured and multi-structured sources. Then it delivers the prepared data into rich, dynamic visualizations and dashboards. Gotta see it to believe it!