Pharmaceutical Market Research & Strategy

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We enable pharma and life sciences companies to achieve extraordinary results by accelerating their clinical, commercial and brand decision.

Pharmaceutical Market Research & Strategy

Our highly competent and insightful pharmaceutical industry professionals can help you develop better drug development strategies by analyzing the past and modeling the future.

  • Market Entry Analysis
    • Market sizing and assessment
    • SWOT analysis of market entry strategies
    • Assessing product demand
    • Prioritizing opportunities through country-level analysis
    • Infrastructure and know-how requirements e.g. supply chain, marketing, finance
    • Regulatory and legal requirements
    • Investment budgeting
    • Timelines 
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Analyze your competitors' objectives, strategies, assumptions, and capabilities
    • Analyze the trends and activities of regulatory authorities
    • Market response to new agents 
    • Reveal mistakes to be avoided 
    • Model the future by predicting the most likely competitor scenarios
    • Identify response of regulatory authorities to outcome of new initiatives 
    • Identify and adapt to changing standards of care
  • Licensing Evaluation: Identify, validate, and advise on in-/out-licensing of opportunities to expand the growth potential and geographic presence
  • Pharmaceutical Forecasting
    • Determine if a market warrants investment
    • Evaluate product likelihood of success by analyzing the sales and epidemiology data
    • Consider emerging economic and healthcare related issues by country
    • Understand macro trends shaping the market 
    • Validate a company's own forecast to establish annual targets
    • Manage performance expectation   
  • Pricing Analysis
    • Determine catalog price and discounts for your product that maximize profits and support corporate objectives
    • Ascertain optimal timing and magnitude for pricing across product line
    • Understand key price drivers within and across countries
    • Anticipate price and reimbursement impacts of regulatory changes
    • Compare P&R and marketing risk and costs across countries
    • Competitive analysis of pricing offered by the competitors

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