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Need Protein Chips experts to help with protein arrays or protein microarrays, modeled after DNA microarrays? Hire Experfy freelance Protein Chips experts capable of quickly and easily survey the entire proteome of a cell within an organism, and automate and parallelize protein experiments. They can apply steps including the reading of the protein levels off the chip, and then the use of computer software to analyze the massive amounts of data collected. Our Protein Chips experts can leverage applications of protein chip experiments that include identifying biomarkers for diseases, investigating protein-protein interactions, and testing for the presence of antibodies in a sample, and protein array systems that can be used for drug discovery and basic biological research. Further, they can harness high-throughput methodology approaching offered by Protein chips with that of DNA microarrays thus narrowing the gap between genomics and proteomics.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance Protein Chips experts capable of managing analysis of protein chips with many challenges including dynamic protein concentrations, and a number of proteins in a cell's proteome, and the understanding of the probes for each protein. 

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