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Need Bayesia experts to help with Bayesia's software portfolio? Hire Experfy freelance Bayesia experts capable of helping on all aspects of your decision support with Bayesia's software portfolio that includes Bayesian networks, besides BayesiaLab, BEST, and BRICKS. They can develop, implement, and evaluate novel large-scale brain-inspired computational architectures, including spiking neuromorphic models, to solve your complex problems. Our Bayesia experts have expert Knowledge of various types of neural networks and related models including spiking neuromorphic models, deep learning models, hierarchical temporal memory models, recurrent neural networks, long and short-term memory models and deep reinforcement models. They also have good experience in machine learning, knowledge modeling, analytics, simulation, and optimization, design, administration and operational deployment of intelligent troubleshooting applications for complex technical domains. Our Bayesia experts also possess fluency in regression modeling techniques, such as generalized linear models, hierarchical/mixed effect models, missing data imputation.

Hire Experfy vetted freelance Bayesia experts capable of leveraging Bayesian inference on graphical models, Bayesian modeling, and Bayesian Global Optimization tools and technique.

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Norman J

Analytics Consultant

AU | Epping, NSW

Norman is an accomplished professional with tertiary qualifications and extensive experience of commercial Analytics and Operations Research. In addition to well-developed analytical skills, Norman has considerable experience in all aspects of Software Development, and is an experienced and qualified Project Manager. His experience encompasses a diverse range of application areas, including Health Econometrics, Insurance, Transportation, Energy, Electrical Network Analysis and Optimisation, Telecommunications Management, Allocation and Sequencing and Real-Time Logistics Tracking. Norman is currently seeking challenging contract/consultancy work. His specialties are: • Analytics • Operations Research • IT Project Management

Pablo M

Professor of Signal Processing, Universidad de la República, Uruguay; Consultant on image/signal processing

UY | Montevideo, MO

Interested both in theoretical and practical aspects of signal and image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. Interested in problem solving of wide diversity of applications such as medical image and signal processing, geophysics, seismology, precision agriculture and logistics. Strong experience in consultancy. Excellent communication skills and good capability for team leadership.

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