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Apache Lucene Freelancers

Need to hire Apache Lucene experts? You can hire the right Apache Lucene freelance expert on Experfy for your project. Our Apache Lucene Freelancers understand how to stimulate information retrieval by using Apache Lucene to make gains in enterprise search. They know how to use Lucene search library wrapped by Solr making it a search engine service. Crawled content can be sent to Solr by using Lucene internally for the core indexing for enterprise search. They help develop code with Apache Lucene API and its most important modules, and can integrate Apache Lucene with Apache Tika in order to build your own piece of software to store and retrieve information efficiently. Our Apache Lucene Freelancers can assist you to manipulate documents of various formats and encoding for parsing the document content and their properties by using Apache Tika library.

Hire Experfy Apache Lucene freelance experts to boost power search features with parsing, mime detection, content analysis, indexing and scoring in your project.

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