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Insurance Fraud Detection

Insurance fraud affects not only the financial health of the insurers, but also of innocent people seeking effective insurance coverage. Fraudulent claims are a serious financial burden on insurers and result in higher overall insurance costs. Here are a few examples of the way data analysis can be applied to fight fraud in the insurance industry:

  • Medical Billing Fraud
    • Identify excessive billing — same diagnosis, same procedure
    • Identify excessive number of procedures, per day or place of service/day
    • Identify mutiple billing of same procedure, same date of service
    • Highlight ?upcoding? of procedures. Statistically outlying numbers
    • Locate age inappropriate treatments  too young/old for treatment
    • Identify duplicate charges on patient bills
    • Find doctor and patient with same address
  • Claims Fraud
    • Identify duplicate cliams
    • Review submission of multiple/inflated claims
    • Find fraudulent family members: i.e., five dependent children born within a two year period.
    • Highlight incorrect gender specific treatments
    • Flag mutually exclusive procedures: e.g. if appendix removed on 01/10/14, then it would be impossible to have appendicitis on 01/02/15.
    • Highlight failure to disclose pre-existing condition (where applicable)
  • Life Insurance Fraud
    • Determine patterns of overpayment of premiums
    • Review transaction payments comprising more than one type of payment instrument
    • Report multiple accounts to collect funds or payment to beneficiaries
    • Report purchase of multiple products in a short period of time
    • Review beneficiaries with multiple policies
    • Isolate transactions for follow-up where employees are beneficiaries
    • Determine agents/brokers with statistically high numbers of claim payouts
    • Calculate benefit payments paid for lapsed policies
    • Find policy loans that are greater than face value
    • Report unauthorized policy changes
    • Identify missing, duplicate, void or out-of-sequence check numbers

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