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  • Naveen Joshi
  • JAN 30, 2018

Does my business need Hadoop?

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Did Hadoop seem interesting to your organization, and you’re considering plans to implement it already?

Hadoop is a technology that can help your organization in storing ample amount of data in your database, in any given form. Hadoop is technically a database management system that focuses on helping its users easily retrieve data and maintain it. Before Hadoop, data storage was expensive and difficult to maintain. After Hadoop came into the market, it became easy for data miners to extract data and maintain the quality of the information stored.


It becomes knotty for an organization to adjudge the requirement for Hadoop. Here are a few questions that you can answer to know if your business really needs Hadoop:

Are my current systems efficient?

Often, companies opt for a more efficient database management system, even though their current systems are operating just fine. In such situations, the purchase becomes nothing but a waste. To avoid such a situation, companies should first assess their current systems and then conclude a decision on purchase of a new database management system. Companies could assess operational systems to check if they are capable of computing the amount of data that they have on their hands. If the systems are utilitarian, organizations may not need to invest in a Hadoop. However, if the systems are not operating properly and are consuming more time than feasible, the company must consider investing into a technology like Hadoop.

Do I intend to leverage big data with Hadoop?

When dealing with data, Hadoop has a huge computational capacity. Average computational time for Hadoop is about a minute or so. In this minute, Hadoop can nearly process terabytes or even petabytes of data. While this computational power is remarkable, buying a Hadoop data management system can be a bad bet for those that don’t see much data flowing in. Before investing in a Hadoop storage platform, it would be crucial to decide if the amount of data that is incoming is relevant or not. As using Hadoop systems for smaller amounts of data can be a waste of resources.

What are my company’s plans?

It is important to take a look at what are the company’s plans and how well it intends to grow. If a company has aimed to grow gradually in a few years, increasing amounts of data is a definite possibility, since every growing company has an ever-increasing amount of incoming data. For this reason, Hadoop may be a great help. A through analysis of your company’s needs, present scenario, and future strategies must be the prelude to Hadoop implementation. The analysis needs to involve all stakeholders who will directly or indirectly be working on this technology or leveraging it in some way post-implementation.

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