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  • NOV 04, 2019

Five top digital transformation trends for 2019

Watch out for the fading of the term ‘digital transformation’ as a standalone marketing term, reports Claus Mortensen of Ecosystm

“Everyone seems to be doing it, from every government agency, to the corner dairy,” a CIO recently commented on the state of digital transformation across sectors today.

True, the term ‘digital transformation” is often used in relation to “IT transformation” or “business transformation” but even though they are closely related, the terms are distinctly different, notes Claus Mortensen, principal analyst at Ecosystm.

As he points out in a recent Ecosystm report on the topic, digital transformation may require IT transformation to do it right if the existing IT architecture cannot support it.

But digital transformation does not really refer to IT systems but rather to an organisation’s underlying business and its business processes ‘going digital’ and becoming more agile,” he states.

Digital transformation will also require the use of various technologies such as cloud computing, business analytics (BA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and, going forward, the Internet of Things.

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