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  • MAY 26, 2014

The Challenges of Big Data Infrastructure

As per intelligence reports:

  • We create 2.5 quintillions bytes of digital data every day
  • 90% of digital data found in 2012 was created between 2010 and 2012
  • By 2020, the digital universe will be 44x times as big as 2009 digital universe!

All these are scary facts, and yet we have to face them and plan for them now.

Infrastructural designs and costs have begun to lead the technological movements in enterprise big data strategy. Big data storage brings in new challenges that confront all data-management teams as “data types and content are getting more complicated and increasing in volume.” The following infographic from Pinterest provides some triggers to make you aware of future big data infrastructural demands and needs.

The combined effects of high data volumes (now in terabytes and more), the complexity of data types, the variety of data content, and the increasing sources of data have posed serious challenges for businesses.  Enterprises are gearing up to plan and develop appropriate big data strategies to extract maximum ROIs from their investments.

In spite of the major contributions of big data technology in all facets of society, beginning with the government and defense to manufacturing and education—big data management has caused headaches to most data centers and data management teams. Businesses are plagued with lack of data governance, lack of skilled manpower, high infrastructural costs, and increased data-management demands. This infographic suggests some possible ways to mitigate these negative trends.

Big data on the cloud platform (big-data-as-service) has been one of the fruitful solutions suggested for countering rising infrastructural costs and manpower shortage. Compare the infographic against the current big data infrastructure in your enterprise and see how far you match up:


Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

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