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  • APR 23, 2014

Big Data Goes to the Movies

The American film industry, with its phenomenal $520 billion revenue (2013) has been blessed by big data. So what is big data doing in the film industry? Well, lots! As the modern film industry continues to make waves through its technological advances over the years, the current big data technologies have penetrated this industry too!


Social media data mines

Thanks to social media—big data companies are mining valuable information about consumers’ tastes and preferences on movie viewing, their favorite actors and actresses, and the marketing trends of the industry in general. The constant stream of data from say, Twitter or Facebook and other social channels make it possible to collect and analyze data on the film industry and film industry consumers. Moviegoers, and more specifically, movie buffs often express their views about film making, film directors, actors, scripts, sets, and every other imaginable film detail which can become critical influencers in the creation and marketing of future films.


Internet databases on films

To give a specific example, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) contains a dynamic archive of 2.5 million film titles, and engages approximately 50 million users in continuous exchange on films and film making. Individual users are allowed to rate films and enter personal comments, which can provide a goldmine of information to film marketing and distribution companies. By analyzing these data or big data, film makers and film industry stakeholders can predict industry trends.


Film-related geographies

Another example may be conducting analytics of geographical-location data to design location-specific film promotional or marketing campaigns. Based on past trends, it may be possible to predict the future success or failure of film titles at box offices in different locations.

Big Data Shaping the Film Industry

Big Data Shaping the Film Industry




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