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Wajiha Ahmed is Deputy Director at Bankable Frontier Associates and an International User Experience (UX) researcher. She is an advisor to banks, MFIs, and entrepreneurs aiming to better understand the intersections of user experience and financial services in emerging economies. An experienced practitioner with over 9 years of experience, she uses human-centered design/UX and ethnographic research methods to design appropriate and effective solutions. 

How fintech is changing lives in the global south

You might have witnessed how these fintech companies are contributing to the transformation of the financial services sector in the United States. But what’s happening in the global south? There, “inclusive fintech”, or fintech products and services that serve the bottom of the pyramid, is thriving in its own right with the likes of Tala and Branch. The sector is growing – enough to compile a list of our top 100 inclusive fintech companies by funding raised in emerging markets.

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