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Susan Li, Data Scientist at Wave Financial, is helping organizations realize the potential of big data and advanced analytics.  Her specialities include Machine learning, data mining, and predictive modeling,  R, Python, SQL, and data visualization tools.

Ten Ways to Take Your Boss on a Journey Through the Data

Remember, data does not inspire people, stories do. If you do not want to be questioned about your worth to the organization, tell them stories. We need to wrap our vision in a story that inspires emotion and motivates action. We have to be very creative to make our data into stories that are beautiful and persuasive. The best way to get your message across all the clutter is to merge these two powerful ways of communication — data visualization and narrative.

Machine Learning with PySpark and MLlib — Solving a Binary Classification Problem

Apache Spark is now becoming the big-data platform of choice for enterprises. It is a powerful open source engine that provides real-time stream processing, interactive processing, graph processing, in-memory processing as well as batch processing with very fast speed, ease of use and standard interface. Sooner or later, your company or your clients will be using Spark to develop sophisticated models that would enable you to discover new opportunities or avoid risk. Spark is not hard to learn, if you already know Python and SQL. learn how to build a binary classification application using PySpark and MLlib Pipelines API. 

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