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Ryan Ayers CEO, Ryan Ayers Communications, has consulted a number of Fortune 500 companies within multiple industries including information technology and big data.


How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Healthcare & Medical Records

With blockchain-based technology like bitcoin taking up news headlines, awareness and excitement about other potential uses for blockchain is increasing. One of the best use cases for blockchain may end up being healthcare and medical records. By having a distributed database for healthcare-related information, healthcare providers can benefit from increased accessibility, accuracy, and safety, all of which will result in better healthcare outcomes for all.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The Next Step in Biotech

The biotech field has been held back by the technological limitations, but ML and AI programs have programs have broken through the barriers into new possibilities impacting recent biotech and healthcare developments. Security and healthcare trends suggest future generations will utilize biotech on a daily basis, either to thwart identity theft or to cure cancer. We may still ask the big questions, but AI programs are finding the solutions. Public opinion is mixed about biotech. The manipulation of organic materials at the microscopic level has already produced new drugs and treatments while ethics committees discern what is acceptable.

How Data Exhaust can be Leveraged to Benefit your Company

Most big data programs are focused on certain types of data. These essential data types are considered most relevant to the organization’s overall goals. But what about all the data left over? Data exhaust can offer businesses significant value – if it’s leveraged properly. No, it doesn’t have to do with being exhausted by the amount of data your business collects although that’s a common sentiment among executives. Instead, it has to do with the amount of “leftover” data produced by an organization. When you set out to collect specific types of data, other information is collected at the same time.

Four Ways AI Will Improve Our Transportation System

More practical applications of AI are on the horizon. Those applications will include helping the transportation industry to solve some of our biggest challenges in getting from place to place. AI is getting smarter thanks to innovative programmers—but it’s also making our transportation system better by building on the building blocks these programmers provided. AI can assist with urban design and traffic control in several ways, including adjusting variable speed zones based on traffic, traffic light timing, and smart pricing for vehicle tolls. Here are 4 important ways AI will help improve our transportation system.

From Quantity to Quality: How Tech Is Changing the Business Mindset

Today’s leaders are recognizing that technology can improve not only commerce, but society as well, and as consumers grow more tech-savvy, commerce is shifting from a business- to a consumer-driven marketplace. These influences may lead to the reduction of economic disparities and inequality. Additionally, contemporary managers want to make sure that employees are making the most of their time on the job. Managers want staff members that produce quality work, and plenty of it. These days, quality is just as important as quantity.

Five Tech Careers That Are Expected to Boom in 2019

If you’re interested in a career in tech, you have a lot of options. Following your interests is a great place to start when choosing a career path, but it also makes sense to look for jobs that have strong growth potential. Some of these jobs might require that you gain additional skills, or even go back to school for a new degree, but the effort can really pay off. Here are 5 of the tech careers that are expected to boom in 2019—could one of them be the perfect fit for you?

Improve Your Online Marketing and Data Management Efforts

Business units need to work together, and companies need to know their consumers. By integrating data across teams, enterprises make it easier to analyze consumer information and complete marketing tasks. Big data and data-driven marketing is the new status quo. Marketers need the reports generated by big data to find new business, optimize campaigns and help companies make a profit, and each business has its own needs and its own way of making the most of big data technology. Big data technology, cross-functional integration and social media adoption are powerful and effective ways to reduce costs, discover new opportunities and launch new services and products.

How Big Data Can Improve Your Employee Productivity

Big data may be a good tool in helping increase employees productivity, but it’s the managers that wield those tools who have the biggest impact. It takes a gifted leader to truly listen and appreciate people. Balancing the needs of the business with the needs of the individual is always challenging. Data can be used to tear people down who aren’t performing, or it can be used to empower and improve performance. Management needs to take care of employees and create a positive environment by using data for good.

All About the New Data Scientist Job

Like any other career path, there are benefits and drawbacks to working as a data scientist. Data scientists must acquire a large amount of training to grow proficient in their field. Upon entering the workforce, some specialists are tasked with rebuilding a company’s information structure from scratch. At other firms, institutionalized executives may want the benefits of the latest information technology, but aren’t willing to provide the requisite funding to launch a full data initiative. To prepare the next generation of data science professionals, forward-thinking academics are working to promote a learning environment where students train in near real-world environments and conduct interviews with field experts. 

How Big Data Can Improve Business Strategies

Big data helps firms unearth information that consumers and clients may not reveal via common market research tools such as surveys and questionnaires. In some cases, big data provides answers to questions that the research tools of the past could never hope to reveal. Big data analysis can help business leaders figure out whether their online presence is helping or hurting their brand. While big data reveals hidden patterns, they do not always result in actionable insights. This makes it important for marketers to understand the meaning behind the results. 

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