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Rehan Ijaz is an entrepreneur, content strategist and editor overseeing contributed content at bigdatashowcase.com. He is passionate about writing stuff for startups. His areas of interest include digital business strategy and strategic decision making.

Forecast for Big Data Jobs in Healthcare

A number of factors are driving demand for big data professionals in hospitals, health insurance companies, medical device manufacturers and other healthcare organizations. Big data is changing healthcare in many remarkable ways. Here are some variables that are driving demand for big data solutions in healthcare.

How Marketing Analytics Is Changing the Game for Lead Generation

Today’s technologies are making this easier for the savvy marketing practitioner, as there are plenty of powerful lead generation tools and marketing analytics tools that you can use to help automate labor-intensive aspects of this process and get both disciplines working in harmony.

Powerful Big Data Solutions Impacting Patient Care

The medical industry impacts every aspect of our daily lives. If data is transforming healthcare, it’s going to impact more than just your personal medical care. Health data analytics allows for powerful new cures to be researched more effectively. And if you’re looking for a job in the booming data science industry, medical data would be a smart choice for your specialty. Let’s take a closer look at some of the healthcare data innovations on the horizon – you might discover a project or niche that speaks to your personal skills and passions.

What is the Role of Predictive Analytics in the International Dropshipping Industry?

International dropshipping is a very promising business. Dropshipping entrepreneurs will find that there are lots of other untapped markets in other regions too. However, developing a profitable international dropshipping business is going to be much more complex than one that solely serves domestic customers. You will want to take advantage of predictive analytics to develop a lucrative funnel for your international customers. Here are some ways that predictive analytics can be invaluable.

Evolving Role of Machine Learning and AI in Healthcare Litigation

Machine learning can help streamline the delivery of healthcare services, and one of the biggest issues that need to be addressed is the future role of machine learning in healthcare litigation. The real benefit of machine learning is that it can process massive data sets to help healthcare professionals make better decisions to improve patient treatments, yield more accurate diagnoses and minimize costs without compromising the quality of care. Healthcare litigators have realized that big data is changing their profession in countless ways. They are exploring new ways to use machine learning algorithms to find the most lucrative cases and develop winning strategies. 

AI Solutions to Thwart Application Layer DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks are a growing threat to website operators and online publishers around the world. It is important to realize that a growing number of DDOS attacks are launched against application layers. These types of attacks can be most difficult to prevent, so it is important for cybersecurity experts to do their due diligence. However, AI cybersecurity solutions are also the best line of defense against DDOS attacks. New cybersecurity solutions will depend heavily on machine learning.

Big Data Jobs to Explode by 2026

Data evangelists have written countless articles and given numerous keynote speeches about the ways that big data has changed our lives. They have mostly focused on the implications for consumers and administrators. There hasn’t been as much discussion about the changes the field has created for people seeking a career in big data. However, that is an important trend that warrants discussion. So many factors are causing big data jobs to increase over the next decade. This is a promising development for anybody working in the field. 

The Role of AI in Cryptocurrency Market Forecasts

The Cryptocurrency market is currently being shaped by a perfect storm of technological breakthroughs. While a number of technological advances are influencing the industry, artificial intelligence is arguably driving the biggest impact. One of the reasons that cryptocurrency trading platforms and investors have been slower to use artificial intelligence for asset valuation and forecasting is that they didn’t think it would be so reliable. But, AI technology could be essential for dictating future cryptocurrency prices.

Big Data Minimizing False Positives in Consumer DNA Testing

DNA testing is evolving at an incredible pace. Scientists are using big data to develop clearer insights into the human genome and subsequently improve the quality of DNA testing. Big data is playing an important role in reducing false positives in DNA testing. It is also making the reduction of false positives more necessary. Preventing false positives with consumer DNA testing is also crucial. Millions of people are depending on DNA testing for identifying health risks and potentially identifying heirs to property. The problems associated with false positives in these instances could be just as problematic.

Small Scale Automation in the Age of AI: What to Do If You Are Not a Fan of the Robot

If you are not a huge fan of the robot, and would not trust something if you don’t see where it keeps its brain, you can still embrace automation in the old-fashioned way. What should I automate? This is the first question you will need to answer, as you wouldn’t want to invest a lot of time into automating something that should actually be done manually. Ask yourself some questions regarding if the process you are trying to automate fits your defined criteria? If so you can move on to automation.

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