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Paweł Haltof is Innovation Director & Board Member of Efigence and Fintech innovation strategist. He is an experienced UIUX designer, consultant, and co-creator of the most innovative design concepts multi-awarded during the most important international contests. He has worked for many international companies and most innovative banks including Emirates NBD, mBank, Alior Bank, PKO BP, ING, Alior Sync, Fiserv, ETX Capital and many non-financial companies.

FinTech in the Banking Environment

FinTechs are dramatically changing the perception and function of banking. Banks find themselves having to transform into trusted brands and get to know their customers anew by getting close to their needs and understanding their working style.  They also need to start providing real help in their areas of greatest need. Also, besides merely focusing on meeting the customer’s financial needs, they should additionally offer real-time, on-demand financial troubleshooting.

PFM is dead, long live PFE

The introduction of PFE is the beginning of a revolution in relations between the bank and its clients. The insights that flow from it will primarily build new value for users, intrinsically bonding them with the bank. Along with the development of artificial intelligence algorithms, more and more sophisticated ways will emerge that will pre-empt their clients' behaviour and support them in everyday life. There will be ideas for dynamic adjustment of the bank's communication to key moments in the life of the user, providing summaries after international trips, gift expenses, car running costs since the last refueling or a summary of taxi expenses.

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