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Josef Bajada has a Ph.D. in Computer Science specialising in A.I. techniques for planning and scheduling and an MBA majoring in Innovation Management and Knowledge Management. He works as a technology consultant developing A.I. solutions for logistics and oilfield technology applications, and as a software architect for high performance and mission critical systems. He also published several academic papers related to Computer Science and A.I.

Symbolic vs Connectionist A.I.

Artificial Intelligence techniques have traditionally been divided into two categories; Symbolic A.I. and Connectionist A.I. The latter kind have gained significant popularity with recent success stories and media hype, and no one could be blamed for thinking that they are what A.I. is all about. There have even been cases of people spreading false information to diverge attention and funding from more classic A.I. research and development. The truth of the matter is that each set of techniques has its place. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right tools for the job is key.

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